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Readers Question: What are the advantages and disadvantages of the WTO formally the GATT

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This seminar discusses the continuing importance of race and ethnicity in American politics and the politics of racial minority groups in America. It examines the disadvantage minorities have in the American political structure, including problems with political participation. It examines how the structure and functions of the branches of government and its bureaucracy affect the aspirations of minorities. The role of pressure groups on political structure is discussed. Additional discussion focuses on urban politics and tensions.

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2. With regards to the various agreements/treaties discussed, EU, WTO, NAFTA, CARICOM, APEC, MERCOSUR and ASEAN:
? Discuss any pending applications, candidate countries, or associate members.
? What are the advantages/implications for trade within the trading group and for the United States?
? Determine the GDP and GNP of those pending countries.
? Based upon your assessment, do you think these countries should become full members of the FTAs they have applied to? Why, or why not?

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The author argues that free trade has the advantages of: 1) increasing the public’s real purchasing power, especially that of low-income earners; 2) contributing to the expansion of business opportunities and creation of jobs, thereby promoting economic growth; and 3) contributing to world peace and stability by creating closer economic ties between countries. At the same time, the author mentions the advantages of trade protectionism, including protecting infant industries and buying time for the revitalization of declining industries, as well as the disadvantages of free trade, such as expanding income disparities and increasing the tendency to place the utmost importance on commercial interests. The author concludes that although being good, free trade is not the best option from a realistic perspective, and that it is vital to revise the free trade regime by taking into account the actual circumstances of individual countries and review the WTO rules.

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These, in brief are as follows: (i) Exhaustion of Resources: In order to earn present export advantages a country may exploit her limited natural resources beyond proper limits. This may lead to exhaustion of essential material resources like iron, coal, oil, etc. The future generation thus stands at a disadvantage.

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