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Hi Liz, I have a question regarding advantages & disadvantages essays (since it’s not an option to purchase your advanced lessons in my country) ,, is it possible to write: ( In this essay I will look at both sides and try to draw some conclusions) , or (Let’s begin at looking at the advantages of…) or ( What I mean by this is that…) ,, WAITING FOR YOUR ANSWER,, THANKS

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I am not sure for writing task 2 opinion essay, is that better to agree or disagree completely the topic and then use sufficient ideas to support it to enable for me to get higher score, or better to partially agree or disagree then give my extra opinion on the topic to be able to get higher score?

Thanks, Liz!
If I completely agree the question statement, and give enough ideas or completely disagree in the same way to write my opinion essay, do you think if the examiner will judge my score and may think I shouldn’t completely agree or disagree for this topic, or examiner wouldn’t care about if I completely agree or disagree, as long as I can give enough supportive points for my opinion?
Thanks in advance again!

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Hi Liz,
thank you for your beautiful free lessons and advance lessons too for writing task 2.
i am confused about Disction essay with opinion, in your example or model eassy explanation, you said: should state opinion in thesis statement ….well, thats clear.
in my previous IELTS preparation course,the teacher said in this type of question, should state your opinion only in conclusion. not in introduction!!!
which is right way for IELTS
Thanks again for your effort and easy way to explain it to us.

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what I does for a discuss both views and give your opinion type question is *opinion in introduction
*opinion in the argument which I agree
*a separate opinion paragraph itself
Is it the right way to approach ??

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Think of the main idea you want to include in each sentence of your paragraph. For the topic sentence of a concluding paragraph about Virginia Woolf, it may be “first English feminist writer,” and for the final sentence of the same paragraph - “great influence on further feminists.” Write these ideas under respective headings. To actually write your paragraph, you will just need to develop your points into complete sentences.

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You put your opinion in the introduction. Two paragraphs for each side and join your opinion with one of them. Also conclude your opinion. That is the easiest way but not the only way. See my advanced lessons if you want to learn properly:

A classic format for compositions is the five-paragraph essay

Hi Liz. I found your website and its really helpful. I took ielts last September and unfortunately my scores are very low. I wanted to ask about the essay writing if you have online courses to check my writing so I would know my weakness in writing essay.
Thank you very much.