In the conclusion, the topic is reinforced with repetition.

 As you can see, the structure of the five paragraph academic essay is relatively simple.

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Although there is considerable freedom allowed in how to develop the introduction, a common strategy is to mention a general topic, and then narrow the topic down to the thesis statement.

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For example, an essay about Bill Clinton and his Monica scandal could begin with mention of the perils of political leadership, or perhaps American Presidents.

Then it would move to government scandals and finally introduce, in the last sentence, the topic of Bill Clinton and the sex scandal in which he was involved.

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The most important thing about the body paragraph is that all the sentences must support the topic sentence of the paragraph, and the topic sentence must support the thesis.

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The last part of a five paragraph academic essay is the conclusion, and the central function here is to rephrase the topic sentence and provide an artful exit from the topic.

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The central learning tool of academic writing is the "Five Paragraph Academic Essay", which has three parts: an introductory paragraph, about three body paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph.

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The conclusion is similar to the topic in that there is considerable freedom in how this artful exit should be accomplished, but often, the writer can add an interesting note about the past or the future, or perhaps mention that there are other opinions or ways to accomplish the task, in addition to the method or viewpoint expressed here.

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If the essay is about the superiority of Toyotas over Fords, one could mention that buying a Ford does have some small points that could make it a better choice, conceding some small point to those who would disagree with you, for example.

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Although students should do their best in every part of the essay, don't worry too much about the conclusion; if the introduction and body are good, a bad conclusion won't "sink your boat".

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Although some people may find that this formula is limiting, and although it has little to do with artistic expression, it is the basis for writing in business, science, and much of academia. (689 words) 1 - The underlined sentence was edited to remove references to "you" without using "he or she".