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Write an essay in which you summarize the thesis and the main points of one of the following essays and then offer a thoughtful response to the argument (See Schedule of Assignments for page numbers or links). Include in your response at least two secondary sources. The secondary sources will be focused not on the primary source itself, but the topic you decide to focus on within the primary source.
William Golding’s “Thinking as a Hobby”

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''Lord of the Flies'' by William Golding Essay Sample

William Gerald Golding was born in Cornwall, England, on September 19, 1911, and he died at his home in 1993. 16 The span of his life occasioned him to experience World War I as a child and to participate as a combatant in World War II. The revelation of the Holocaust and the dropping of the Atomic bomb on Japan affected him deeply, and changed his views on humanity and man's capacity for evil. He is remembered as a prominent English novelist, essayist and poet, and was awarded the Booker McConnel Prize, the greatest British Literature Prize, as well as the Nobel Prize for Literature. Golding's fiction is often seen as allegorical, with broad use of allusions to classical literature, mythology, and Christian symbolism. Although no distinct thread unites his novels, most deal principally with man's destructive nature and his capacity for evil.

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Please think about
what career you probably can take while
following your interest, and how you can
make this shift happen to you.
William Golding
Thinking as a Hobby
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