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Even Joseph could not doctrinally justify his polygamy, let alone polyandry; he just constantly lied about it for the rest of his life, to his wife Emma, to members outside the inner circle and in the Press as well as in scripture. On those fronts alone, one questions how a perfect God would ever come to choose such a man to be His prophet? Ask yourself, in all honesty, would any true God really command a man to do such things, keep them secret and then lie about them in scripture? If so, would you want to believe in or be associated with such deity? Unfortunately for the Church, the rest of the world fully understands what adultery means and that is exactly what was practiced. It all seemed to start when Joseph needed to explain why he was "caught in the act" in a barn with young Fanny Alger.

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Harris was an American journalist based in Chicago
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Judy Syfers is a renowned feminist leader, who first published her famous "Why I want a Wife" in a 1970's issue of Ms.

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Critic's comments: Why did the prophet of the Church say that polygamy was not doctrinal? It is still in the Church's scriptural canon, D&C 132. Hinckley makes it sound as if it was either a mistake or practiced for reasons unrelated to religion. Surely he knows why it was practiced. Also, he makes an issue that polygamy is not legal today (as practiced by the fundamentalists). That's correct but it was not legal when the LDS practiced it in the 1800s either. He wants everyone to believe that polygamy was legal when the Latter-day Saints practiced it in the 1800s but that is illegal now as practiced by the fundamentalists. As shown , this is untrue. It was always illegal—from Joseph's first plural wife in 1833 through the 2nd manifesto in 1904.

Why Does My Wife Want Sex with a Black Man? - An essay brought to you by LDW Group