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Was the first world war inevitable essay

In 63 BCE, a conspiracy to overthrow the Republic was exposed by , and in 60 BCE the was formed and its three members, including , all came to violent ends; then the Roman civil wars began in earnest. The Second Triumvirate was formed in 43 BCE, and included and , of fame. After Augustus defeated Mark Antony and Cleopatra’s fleet in the in 31 BCE, the Roman Republic ended and Rome became an empire, the greatest that humanity has known. At its height, it governed a quarter of humanity. From the to the , Rome as a republic or empire lasted for nearly two millennia. Its impact on Western Civilization, and hence the world, has been incalculable. There are far too many important lessons to be learned from the Roman experience than this essay can explore, but I will try to keep the lessons within this essay’s theme and purpose, which is humanity’s relationship to energy and our collective future.

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Was World War 2 Inevitable in 1939? Essay

However, I do not think this was the point where World War One became inevitable, because the two countries could always have used their ships and extra-large armies just to scare off the other camp, by intimidating them with their ...

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In the late '30's, and more particularly during World War 2, given America'sgreat wealth - as opposed to Europe's straitened circumstances - it wasinevitable that the trade between the two would be of a one-way nature, fromthe former to the latter.

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