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 I have translated and slightly updated and adapted the list as a 'Basic Dutch' vocabulary.

The comes with a collection of interesting related words.

Richards were working on a new kind of dictionary, when they noticed that in the definitions the same words kept turning up, which led them to develop 'Basic English,' a list of about 850 very carefully chosen words that would be sufficient for everyday and scientific communication.

Many people in Holland speak some English, but it's a nice courtesy to say a few Dutch words.

These pages have many examples of usage.

hello mam i am getting 6-6.5 in speaking , but i need 7. Actually i am lacking to implement vocabulary in my speaking please give me some tips to cover up this problem

The '' and  pages also have many lines, albeit not in a phrase-friendly order.

Since last week I am going through all your lessons. Very useful! the way you explain is so amazing! I feel that you are just teaching in front of me.

'' are words that look the same in different languages but don't have the same meaning.

Hi Thank you for sharing your valuable knowledge for us

I don’t know what a writing checker is. I’ve tried a number of online sites which offer writing that can automatically be checked for accuracy – noe of them are very good. The majority of mistakes are missed.

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Bar charts are common but you can get any type of task 1 in IELTS. It is your choice is you want to take a chance on your future. See my writing task 1 page:

Sorry I don’t offer that service.

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I am preparing for my IELTS exam which will be taken on the 25th of march. I am not really a fan of essay writing. i do not know how to start, what to write in the body and how to conclude, Also i have problem with reading fast and understanding the passage. Will appreciate it if you help me out.

See all my reading tips and lessons on this page:

liz…..thankuu my cutepie for wonderful help…….some people say that we should not advised anyone because it may shrink our value or respect…..but i advised u to enable the feature of ielts writing checker in our website……

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I want to know is there any syllabus for speaking test or is there any particular number of speaking cue cards that we can consider for exam? Or examiner can ask anything?

Most of my materials are to be used online.

The examiner has a number of cur cards to choose from. In order to prepare for your test, always prepare current topics. You can find these because students post their topics on this website. See this page: . You can find a list of common topics and also topic currently being used. Also check this page:

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Hello Liz ,
Your lessons are realy helpful, i wish i would have referred them bit earliar. I need your some last tips on speaking and today is my speaking test and i hav not been able to prepare for ths, so please could u help me out with some of them as i m too much nevous and have last one more hour to leave for exam. Your ideas wud b helpful please reply