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From bullying to peer pressure, youth are exposed to school violence everyday.

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Zerhouni, Director, NIHLetter of 11 February2005 concerning the failure of the American Academy of PediatricsPolicy Statement on "Breastfeeding and the Use of Human Milk" toaddress the failed consequences of Breastfeeding Bonding upon braindevelopment and behavior and requesting corrective actions thatincluded documentation of deleterious effects of failed BreastfeedingBonding upon brain-behavioral development.

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This paper investigates another aspect of school violence—school cultures of violence—that few schools recognize as a serious problem and that mainstream strategies fail to address....

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Lessons Learned From 1994-2004",concerning theirConference: "Preventing Violence and Related Health-Risking SocialBehaviors in Adolescents: An NIH State-of-The Science Conference." (October 13-15, 2004).

Not many people know that restriction of free speech and personal expression did in fact occur in America, mainly during the 1950s.

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Prescott, Ph.D.: Second Letter to Congressman Brian Bilbray March 22 2000 letter regarding the White House history of indifference to important research on the causes of violence.

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Americans need to try to take control of today's youth and the violence that is and has been developing in this country for many years. Although violence will never be extinct, there are many different ways to reduce violence. Each school and student population has different ways of dealing with and helping to curb the need for violence in schools.

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As defined in the Oxford Dictionary, School Violence is a subset of students or teachers violence, physical force exerted for the purpose of violating, damaging, or abusing, the act or an instance of violent action or behavior at school, abuse or injury to meaning, content, or intent, vehemence of feeling or expression....

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Prescott`s article on breastfeeding (1997)
- AMERICA'S HEALTH RANKINGS, STATE RANKINGS-Infant Mortality Rate 2002,THE CIA WORLDFACT BOOK: Infant Mortality Rates (March 2006) --
- "Documents that breastfeeding in tribal cultures for 2.5years or longer prevents depression and suicide in 77% of 26 tribalcultures studied." Prescott (2005) in:

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According to federal activities addressing violence in Schools, "There are more possibilities of violent acts and crimes taking place in public schools, than in private schools." Crime and violence in our school can disrup the learning process and have a negative effect on students, the school staff and the community as a whole.

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These steps include: use of `less violent' materials, peer mediation interventions, police presence and action, individualizing of the troublemaker(s), safety measures [in schools, and at home], and raising deviancy awareness....