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The longest essay ever written had 290,574 pages. Can you believe that?10,000 pages.

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In the book , author Tim Riley writes, "The boomers born after World War II, both men and women" – the characters in were all born around 1942 – "learned much of what they know about how to be young, how to seek and earn love, and how to struggle toward adulthood from the popular music they listened to." As it would be for decades to come, rock music was more of an authority figure than any adult could ever be. "Rock stars helped their young fans grow from boys to men and girls to women," Riley writes, "by exploring and celebrating the nature of that struggle – the full range of sexual bewilderment, frustration, and longing." chronicles exactly that phenomenon. The kids in may well have seen their rock heroes in person, since DJs like Alan Freed (a likely inspiration for Vince Fontaine) frequently hosted live rock and roll concerts in Cleveland, Chicago and elsewhere. Howard Miller, known as "Uncle Moo Moo," was the number one morning DJ in Chicago from 1947-1968, on WIND, where the kids would no doubt listen to him every morning before school. In 1957, Miller produced the first live rock show in Chicago, featuring Tab Hunter, Charlie Gracie, Chuck Berry, Eddie Cochran, and the Everly Brothers. That same year Alan Freed got his own TV show, and it was such a success, the next month ABC picked up Dick Clark’s as well.

The longest essay ever written had 290574 pages, and was about the creation of sex.

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Just after these kids graduated, in 1960, was released, starring Jack Nicholson as the kind of cocky, smartass rebel that the Burger Palace Boys in wish they could be. But 1960 also brought us that moment toward which everything had been leading and from which everything would flow. Dick Clark saw some kids doing a sexually suggestive dance called The Twist in his studio, inspired by a year-old record. Clark called the record label and asked for a new recording of "The Twist." It caught on like wildfire and convinced the adult population of America that the world was coming to an end. Sex was no longer subtle or implied. Sex had broken free of the bedroom and the 1960s were coming. These kids in are on the cusp of that moment, just as they are on the cusp of adulthood.

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Soon after, in the 1960s, rock and roll would morph into Pop and Top 40, and it would no longer be the exclusive domain of the young. The adult world could finally got a grip on it. Elvis had been sent overseas. Chuck Berry was sent to prison for sexual misconduct. Congress held "payola" hearings to ruin DJs like Alan Freed, who broadcast his last live radio show in November 1957. Now, rock and roll would become commercialized and forget its roots. This would continue to happen to rock every decade or so. But is about the beginning, when rock and roll was still pure, still naked, still dangerous, and America was still terrified of it.

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It begins with a series of essays tracingthe development of the county's churches from Anglo-Saxon timesto the present (also including material on non-conformist chapels);this is followed by detailed essays on specific aspects such aswoodwork, bells, dedications, Anglo-Saxon and Romanesque sculpture,monuments, brasses, archaeology and stained glass.

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It’s a convention of the travel memoir that the author does two things at once. He or she takes a physical journey while either intentionally or unintentionally going on an emotional or spiritual or psychological one as well. In the best of these narratives, the two journeys feel like one organic trip. The reader gets to see the world in a way that only the author can show it and vicariously inhabit a self that only one person can be. In “The Longest Way Home,” McCarthy achieves this with charm and credibility. Each of the eight chapters is titled after a place he visits, and though they’re not arranged in strict chronology, the effect is such that one feels pulled along by an inevitable current moving in only one direction, the book gaining momentum and meaning page by page.

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Paul Watkins has been appointed publisher of theforthcoming substantial volume of 17 essays reviewing Symeon'sachievement as historian, the manuscripts of his works and themaking of the Libellus de Exordio, Symeon's famous work on thehistory of the church of Durham, one of the earliest to have emergedfrom post-Conquest England.

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Adrian Room in a review ofthe book in the American journal Names wrote "This wonderfulwork is what many of us on this side of the Atlantic - and maybeseveral the other side too - have long been praying for...".