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Hey, you’re article is great. I was looking for something that for once was looking at the bright side of internet for an essay I had to write for English class (“positive influence the internet had on your lives”).
Having written so many critical essays about progress in technology before, it was hard for me to look at it in a positive way, but you completely convinced me!
Thanks for that.

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I could be considered an authority on online education as I just completed another college degree taking online classes exclusively. I just received my diploma in the mail last week and I never once visited the college. I am a huge proponent of online education. The benefits far outweigh any drawbacks – especially for anyone who works full-time – since the logistics of driving to and from class would simply be too time-consuming. There wasn’t even the hassle of having to go to the bookstore as I could order those online as well. Sure, there are some drawbacks – such as not having face-to-face interaction with classmates – but even that is possible if you want to Skype with them. If you have the inclination to go back to school for your degree, you should really consider taking an online degree. Take one class as a test drive; you will not regret it.

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But it is amazing the effect that the internet has had on our lives. Believe it or not, there are still many people who don’t even own a PC – but that number is dwindling each year. It brings to mind all of the technological benefits of the internet age. My life has certainly changed within the past thirty years due to the internet and it’s a fine time to reflect on the impact it has had over its lifespan so far.

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