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The most prominent difference is the fact that the characters don't all agree on how to come about telling the truth-in "Possibility of Evil" the old woman sent anonymous letters that told the truth harshly, even if they used the metaphor of the truth being like the Sun that meant that they knew that the truth shouldn't be told so bluntly; in "Like the Sun" the main character isn't as cowardly as the old woman, but suffers the consequences of retaliation from those he told the truth to; and lastly, "Tell the Truth" tells that telling the straight harsh truth isn't always helpful as the person may not accept it.
"Possibility of Evil"
Old Miss Adela Strangeworth, a sweet old lady who took much pride in her town and especially in her eye-catching gorgeous roses in her front lawn, lived in a small traditional town.

Even so, the main character from

I will not tell the bitter truth about ..

You want the truth? . Jack Nicholson made these words famous over a hundred years after explored the very same idea in this poem. The truth—for better or worse—is a powerful thing. And while it may have been hammered into your brain at a very young age that telling the truth is one of the most important lessons you will ever learn, growing up you might have noticed that a) sometimes the truth hurts, and-or b) it's better if you carefully consider how to deliver it. Sure you may want to lay down a serious truth smack with an iron hand, but you gotta wrap it in a velvet glove, right?

Both have characters that know that telling the truth bluntly isn't wise because people will retaliate or simply not absorb it all.

These clauses have an air of triviality (though whether they are to beunderstood as trivial principles or statements of non-trivial semanticfacts has been a matter of some debate). With Field, we might proposeto supplement clauses like these with an account of reference andsatisfaction. Such a theory should tell us what makes it the case thatthe word ‘snow’ refer to snow. (In 1972, Field wasenvisaging a physicalist account, along the lines of the causal theoryof reference.) This should inter alia guarantee that truth isreally determined by word-to-world relations, so in conjunction withthe Tarskian recursive definition, it could provide a correspondencetheory of truth.

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The word critical is defined as “involving skillful judgment as to truth, merit, etc… a critical analysis/ of or pertaining to critics or criticism: critical essays.” (Dictionary, 2013).

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No, as in the case of telling someone your negative opinion of their actions, style, looks, whatever. Further, what you consider the truth might not be to everyone else. If you tell Mrs. Jones her ratsass husband is cheating, is this a good thing? She probably sensed he was and prefers to live in denial.

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Here, the character isn't defined, but in many ways it shows what the character may be thinking, and they explain why it is necessary to "slant" the truth through metaphor and similes.
"Possibility of Evil" and
"Like the Sun"
"Possibility of Evil" and "Like the Sun" are two short stories that discuss telling the truth, but each story's main character has a different idea of how to tell the truth.

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Most people don’t think so but think of all the problems that people develop by not telling the truth. Besides truth is never embarrassing but lies are. Also if you are dishonest then you do not have integrity.

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This is unlike "Possibility of Evil" because the main character here tells the truth bluntly, but not to the person's face because she knows that social ramifications will follow and doesn't want to face them at all.
"Possibility of Evil" and "Tell the Truth"
"Possibility of Evil" and "Tell the Truth" are two literary works that help discuss the Truth and why it is necessary.

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I suppose it depends if your trying to spare someone’s elses feelings. That pertainting to gossip. If it s a legal matter yes you should. If you like me, you just tell the truth because it comes back to haunt you. To me the truth can be painfully honest. But remember there is my truth , your truth , and the truth.