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It is also used in essays and other types of writing to get the reader to accept a point of view.

A common advanced writing assignment is the synthesis essay

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So, why is it important to write professionally and what constitutes professional writing.

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As writers, we're often advised to "stick to the topic" and "get to the point." This is usually good advice, but not always. Sometimes it leads to writing that's shallow and one-dimensional, as though the writer had prematurely closed down the process of inquiry, just to produce something neat and tidy with no madwoman in the attic.

In short, professional writing is writing at the next level with a purpose.

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In short, professional writing is writing at the next level and with a purpose.

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Reflective and messy synthesis processes are considered a "waste of time," as they aren't positioned as actionable or immediately predictive. The output of design synthesis is frequently incomplete or intangible—the value of the output is not immediately evident, as the results are "half baked." Synthesis often results in a number of high level themes and paradigms that help shape future design activities, but these high level and conceptual elements may be seen as too abstract to justify the time and resources spent.

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These problems are roadblocks to innovation, and illustrate a deep disconnect between the core process of insight development and the billed process of product development. Yet synthesis methods have been continually referenced as critical in sensemaking, organization, and in drawing the important connections between apparently unrelated elements. These are the keys for relating research to design—synthesis methods are the ways in which ethnographic insights lead to new, innovative, appropriate, or compelling ideas.

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Clients don't see the relationship between design research and design ideas, and therefore discount the value of design research and design synthesis entirely. Because synthesis is frequently relegated to an informal step in the overall process, it is practiced implicitly; a single designer forges connections in the privacy of her own thoughts, and performs only rudimentary sensemaking. The design output and solutions can be unique, novel, and even exciting, but because there is no artifact-based procedural trail, the client isn't aware of the various internal deliberations that have occurred. After encountering several design projects that include implicit design synthesis, a client may proclaim that they don't see the value in a discovery phase for future design activities. They are, of course, right: they didn't see anything of value, and so they assumed the phase to be a waste of resources.

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While working on my first assignment, I discovered that to be reasonably successful at this I had to leave behind my perceptions of writing as it is accepted in my country and to start from scratch.