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Standing in a queue for a long time can be tiring, so do a few stretches now and then if …

forms an orderly queue of one.” In his essay The English People, ..

British best at Queuing? When it suits us we can be awesome at it, and we love a good whinge when other folks don't adhere to our own high queuing standards, but we have our lapses as well. Take boarding a Ryanair flight for instance. Queue etiquette means nothing.... it's every man/woman/child for themselves. Nick Exley, Bradford, West Yorkshire

What makes standing in a line for a bus problematic is that people have to police the queue themselves.

around for shopping or standing in a queue for bills ..

It's held up as a supreme example of Britain's prowess when it comes to queuing. The likes of tea, cake and camping chairs often make an appearance. It even has its own code of conduct in case, heaven forbid, anyone doesn't understand how the queue works.

he was praising the French for their talent of "standing in a queue" ..

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