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The risk of dying from sickness or injury is magnified when you are in space.

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From then, SpaceQuest followed its characteristic rapid development process to produce three operational spacecraft – AprizeSat 5 is retained as a software test- bed and flight spare....

kept on with this project of sending ships into outer space and exploring through the endless universe looking hopefully that something would appear.

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The space shuttle was a tremendous technological achievement that enabled NASA to send millions of tons of cargo and equipment into low Earth obit, but its successor, the Constellation Program, which relies on rockets and crew capsules much like NASA’s early space programs, represents a step backward in space exploration vehicle design (“Propulsion Systems”, 2003)....

Some question whether space flight is necessary at all and plead with others to focus on the problems we face here on Earth....

Space exploration was once left up to the governments, as they battled to be the first country in space, but with national debts raising and the cuts made in response, space exploration is beginning to become new grounds for private business owners....

The “Space Race” began in the 1950’s and 1960’s when Russia sent up the first successful, unmanned satellite named Sputnik in into outer space.

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The race to achieve the first successful launch into space created the institution of two independent space programs, the Soviet Space Program and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

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That was until 1957, with the launch of the Sputnik-1, when the Soviet built satellite became the first man-made satellite successfully launched out into outer space.


This moment not only helped to define both technology and the economy as successful beneficiaries of Space Exploration, but also as a historically inspirational scientific development....

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From working in the mission control centers that would be necessary to run the newly formed operations to creating shuttles and other spacecraft, jobs of great variety would become available.

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