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Religion essay on sikhism sikhism is the worlds fifth largest religion. Sikhism is one of the younger faiths of the world, as compared with religions like hinduism.

His essay discusses all of the different ways in which God can often be looked at through art in a much more realistic way.

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. "Buckam Singh And Sikh Canadians In The First World War." In The Canadian Encyclopedia. Historica Canada, 1985—. Article published April 29, 2014

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Even though Sikhs were not involved in those attacks, some Sikhs were subjected
to violence or discrimination because of their appearance.
Conflicts over Sikh religious practices can arise in a number of settings.

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The largely undocumented story of Sikh Canadian soldiers was told by filmmaker David R. Gray. The documentary, Canadian Soldier Sikhs: A Little Story in a Big War, for OMNI Television, uncovered the stories of Buckam Singh and these other forgotten men.

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There is little information published about the role of in Canadian military service during the . The discovery of Buckam Singh’s Victory Medal has led to his reclamation by his community, which commemorates him with an annual service, and to interest in discovering the history of Sikh soldiers in Canada.

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Singh was wounded twice, in separate battles, and is said to have been treated by Dr. , who wrote the poem “.” Singh was sent to a hospital in England to be repatriated to Canada. While in England, he contracted tuberculosis. He died in a , Ontario, hospital in August 1919. He was buried in Kitchener’s Mount Hope Cemetery — the only known First World War Sikh Canadian soldier’s grave in the country.

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Buckam Singh, labourer, soldier (born 5 December 1893 in Mahilpur, Punjab, India; died 27 August 1919 in Kitchener, ON). There is little information published about the role of Sikhs in Canadian military service during the First World War. The discovery of Buckam Singh’s Victory Medal led to his reclamation by his community, which commemorates him with an annual Remembrance Day service

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Matthew, Chapter 5

The presentation of "Tripartite" Human Nature posited above, together with the assertion that the Sermon of the Mount might be held to feature "Themes" consistent with such, ( ~ or similar?), "Existential Tripartism," could prove to be rather controversial.
Given this possibility a full consideration of all of this is given on for the benefit of interested readers, but also to provide defensive argument against challenge from potential detractors!
Such defence would, undoubtedly, arise from the evidence on that page that not only, (very significantly), Jesus' central teachings and (significantly), Emerson, Pythagoras and Plato / Socrates but also, (very significantly), Islam, Hinduism-Vedanta, Buddhism and Sikhism, and (significantly), Shakespeare offer substantial implicit support to the presence of an already established, if largely unappreciated, universal recognition that an "Existential Tripartism" is present in all Human Beings.