Recommended Reading: (Hackett, 1991);P.

In  (1983) and (1992)Searle emphasizes the  of and to the merely  elements of human existence.

Barnes (Washington Square, 1993);, ed.

Since the ability to use a term familiarity with its sense but not knowledge of its reference, when they link two terms with the same reference but distinct senses, as in "The husband of Barbara Bush is the President who succeeded Ronald Reagan."

by Robert Van Gulick and Ernest Lepore (Blackwell, 1993); andWilliam Hirstein,  (Wadsworth, 2000).

Rorty (California, 1988);Alfred R.

The "Chinese Room" thought-experiment in his "Minds, Brains, and Programs" (1980) purports to show that even effective do not embody genuine intelligence, since rule-governed processes need not rely upon understanding by those who perform them.

Hence, a common abbreviation for "" and "," Latin designations for the of and.

What is Leibniz really all about? Tonight we'll make some first steps in trying to appreciate everyone's favorite, ridiculously-wigged rationalist by reading some early short essays.

We will be looking at a collection called "Philosophical Essays" (link below to text), and reading from the beginning of Part 1. We will be looking at the first six essays:

1. Letter to Foucher (1675)
2. Preface to a Universal Characteristic (1678-79)
3. Samples of the Numerical Characteristic (1679)
4. On Freedom and Possibility (1680-82?)
5. Meditations on Knowledge, Truth, and Ideas (1684)
6. On Contingency (1686?)

Read in advance if you can, but that shouldn't be necessary to participate. If this goes over well, we can hopefully continue to go through these essays.

PDF of text:

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, , and  condemned self-deception as, or an  response to the produced by contemplation of human .

Mele, (Oxford, 1992); andAnnette Barnes, (Cambridge, 1998).

Although most of us retrospectively acknowledge the role of such a practice in our own lives, it isn't clear what makes it possible for a single person to be both deceived and deceiver.