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Felician Ferdinardo, OMI, Spiritual Director of Wise International School - SriLanka and Mr.

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Over 12,300 young peoplefrom across the Commonwealth entered the Competition, out of which we are theonly school in Sri Lanka to receive this amount of awardsin one time, under each category.

We, Wise International School - Sri Lanka, our Alma Mater has achieved so much within this life span of 14 most glorious years.

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Furthermore, during the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, living in a Sri Lankan coastal city and witnessing the tsunami waves caused me to grow and develop a perspective that not many high school seniors possess....

This is the Only International School in Sri-Lanka to teach Four different languages from Pre-school level itself.

Succeeding kingdoms of Sri Lanka would maintain a large number of Buddhist schools and monasteries and support the propagation of Buddhism into other countries in Southeast Asia.

And Proud to state that Wise International School - SriLanka, is the only school in Sri Lanka, to ever havegot connected with the Arctic Circle.

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She highly appreciated our school's huge commitment towards providing globaleducation to the next generation of Sri Lanka and she is willing to become apart of our inspiring journey, and Proud to state that she is now a Mentor forour students here at Wise.

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Again, not surprisingly, it was a renaissance which was also linked with a revivedinterest in Saivaism and a growing recognition that Saivaism was the original religion ofthe Tamil people. Arumuga Navalar established schools in Jaffna, in Sri Lanka and inChidambaram, in South India and his work led to the formation of the Saiva ParipalanaSabai in Jaffna in 1888, the publication of the Jaffna Hindu Organ in 1889 and thefounding of the Jaffna Hindu College in 1890.

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Wijetunge, gives foremost prominence to Wise International School - SriLanka after recognizing the great achievements that were obtainedwithin a very short Span of time.

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Samaya is an initiative which started with two youth from Slovakia who wanted to improve the quality of education in Sri Lankan elementary schools. Their vision is to provide a well-rounded education for kids in Sri Lanka. SAMAYA aims to financially support needy schools in Sri Lanka every year in collaboration with IMCD which is the Sri Lankan partner.

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My Dream School is a project by International Movement for Community Development (IMCD) to provide underprivileged schools with much needed facilities. This initiative was motivated by the drawings by children of underprivileged schools which depicted their dream school when we requested them to express their hopes and dreams. We identify needy schools via referrals and conduct a need analysis after a field visit. These ideas are made a reality through the generous contributions and collaboration of various organizations and individuals. The project aims schools to create a stimulating learning ambience for students. The developments are supported by Sri Lankan donors. A partial contribution is made by Slovakian donors via Samaya Foundation.