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At a young age, most kids are not aware of what the consequences of dropping out of school are.

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It seems hard and meaningless sometimes but whatever degree you earn will help you support whatever family you have someday. That is the driving factor for me to stay in.
My biggest temptations to drop out were cause I just thought I was worthless based on my grades in High School and first years of college. It still can be redeemed. In the end… LOVE WHAT YOU DO, DON’T GO FOR THE MONEY BUT IN THE END YOU WILL BE THE HAPPIEST IF YOU LOVE WHAT YOU DO FOR A LIVING.

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I wanted to answer these two questions, because I wanted to confirm that the reasons for dropping out of college (or high school, or life) is real. It’s not some game. These are people trying to take control of their lives. Whoever you are. I think we need to realize that there are things we may be able to do, but there is a time and place for everything as well.

I dropped out of college because I was sick of staying in school 15 years.

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Basically, that is why I feel that many other students drop out of highschool/college: too much shit from teachers. =)

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Dropping out of school isn’t something I had even seriously considered, other than when I would get discouraged during our crazy exam periods… It took me a lot of courage to even consider this possibility ().

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I dropped out of college for several of the listed reasons. I was able to get decent high school grades without developing any study skills. This was a huge problem. I was homesick, in other words, not emotionally prepared for the college experience. The only parameter that I was given by my father for choosing a major was that “it had to lead to well-paying job”. To meet this requirement, I chose engineering, despite being marginally talented in both math and physics. When the coursework got tough, changing majors did not appear to be an option, since I didnt feel any change would meet my father’s approval. The only person I bonded with was a guy who lived in the dorm next to me. Unfortunately he was a drug dealer. My substance abuse accelerated the downward spiral and by the end of my sophomore year, i was academically ineligible. My dad had informed me in the middle of that sophomore year that we were not likely to have enough money for my junior year, anyway.

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I am dropping out of college as soon as I get my AA degree. I was going to go for a sociology BA, but I can’t take the stress and pressure from school and society. If I drop out I am a loser, if I major in an arts field I am a loser that is 30k in debt and can’t find a job with the degree. I would rather take the 17k I have saved up and do something else that isn’t safe. I am also sick of people telling me to work at McDonalds since I am dropping out. F— YOU! Just because you have a degree or are getting one doesn’t mean you are any better than me. So enjoy your degree and your debt when you graduate.

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I graduated in 2003 from a lower standard high school. I was a punk that slacked off quiet a bit. I decided to go to college two years ago 2007. So far i have 31 credit hours complete, mostly intro classes, and i have dropped a total of 10 credit hours(math082,geology101,his101). And i have noticed i have accomplished a descent amount. I have to say unfortunately i gained all these 31 credit hours because i had easy teachers- teachers that passed me because i showed up. These classes i dropped out of…those were the ones that actually made me think.. Now should i keep on going to college just so i can have a “hit or miss teachers” so i can get a degree and get a fancy job even though i didnt learn anything?