Scholarships That Don't Require Essays

6. Don't miss deadlines. Use a calendar and checklist to get organized.

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James H. Wittke, James P. Kennett, Allen West, Richard Firestone et .al., ‘Evidence for Deposition of 10 million tons of impact spherules across four continents 12,800 years ago’, op. cit., p. 2089.

7. Tailor your application to the sponsor's goals. Read and follow the instructions carefully.

Q. What do I need to do to accept my scholarship?

Am a registered nurse by profession would really want to advance and get a degree in nursing currently working in a mission hospitaln in kenya with no much pay to do so.

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You are experiencing exactly what my daughter has been dealing with for a long time. It's unfortunate how the medical community doesn't know what to do with long term concussion sufferers. One type of therapy that might have a positive affect for what you're dealing with is EMDR. It addresses the PTSD symptoms which also mimic Post Concussive Syndrome. Music helps my daughter and after being tested by a neuro psychologist she was able to get an IEP for school.
Don't give up. You will get better.

Q. Where can I find additional scholarships? A. Other funding opportunities can be found at

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Further information on minority scholarships can be found by doing a general online search. General search phrases like "minority scholarship" will yield a number of helpful results. Being more specific in your search criteria will help you pinpoint more relevant scholarship programs, so you may try "", "" or "". By adding gender, ethnicity and field of study you may be able to locate the scholarship program that suits you to a tee.

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8. If you have difficulty writing essays, try recording yourself as you answer the question out loud, and transcribe the recording later. Most people can think and speak faster than they can write or type. Create an outline afterward to organize your thoughts.

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While the internet will be a powerful tool in your search for the right scholarship, don't neglect your public library. There are many books on scholarships that will be well worth your browsing time. You may find some lesser known, but equally advantageous, scholarship programs listed that you will want to investigate. Check to verify that any listings you find are still current, and if any contact information is supplied respond directly for further information.

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9. Personalize your essay and be passionate. Write about something of interest to you. Make your application stand out from the crowd. Talk about your impact on other people. Give examples and be specific.

“I just don’t feel like myself.”

When you begin your search for a minority scholarship, you may be surprised at just how diverse and plentiful they are. The United States is a melting pot of different cultures and races and that is reflected in the number of different scholarship programs out there.