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Winning essays and other essays with students permission will be posted on the prizes webpage. To give students in Year 12 or the Lower 6th who are considering applying to a University an opportunity to write about a subject they are interested in. The Sanders Prize in Philosophy of Religion is administered by Jonathan Kvanvig. They should be submitted electronically in Wordwith PRIZE ESSAY in the subject headingto Entries will be considered by a committee of the Royal Institute of Philosophyand the winner announced by the end 2017. . A font size of 12pt or greater should be usedand the page margins should be set to no less than 1 inch. Refereeing will be blind authors should omit remarks and references that might disclose their identities. Essays should be no more than 2500 words in length and should be on one of the topics listed below. The competition carries a First Prize of 100and a Second and Third Prize of 25.

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Include the following information in the email Please specify what kind of school this is e. Topics might include the development of knowledgethe nature of learningthe formation of characterthe aims of educationthe social role of educational institutionsand schooling and social engineering. The aims of this prize are threefold firstlyto widen interest in philosophy and in studying philosophy at university level among students who would not otherwise be exposed to the subject secondlyto encourage ambitious and talented secondary school students considering applying to university to study philosophy and thirdlyto recognize the achievements both of highcalibre students and of those who teach them. St Peters College has established two essay prizes in Philosophythe top prize being to the value of 250the second prize being to the value of 150. The judges will look for originality of thoughta clear grasp of the issuesclarity in presentation and a critical approach to what has been read. Essays should be word processed and submitted by email in Word to. Entrants must be in Year 12 or Lower 6th year at their school or college during the academic year 201617. Entrants should be in Year 12 or equivalent at their school or college. Since winning essays will appear in submissions must not be under review elsewhere. To support teachers of able pupils by providing interesting and challenging further work in Philosophy and by bringing such students into contact with Higher Education.

Jesse Mulder has won the institute's annual Prize Essay Competition. His winning essay will appear in the April issue of Philosophy.

The Royal Institute of Philosophy is a charity dedicated to the advancement of philosophy in all its. The winner of New Philosopher Writers Award XI technology is Mark BessoudoThe 1960s saw the birth of philosophy of educationin contrast to earlier studies of educational. The rules of morality are not the conclusion of our reason. Its objective is to promote a serious interest in philosophy and. The Sanders Prize in Philosophy of Religion is administered by Jonathan Kvanvig. The aims of this prize are threefold firstlyto widen interest in philosophy. The Philsoc Student Essay Prize. The Sheffield Philosophy Essay Prize is an annual competition for Years 1011 and 12.

For the second year in a row, Mariam Thalos was awarded the Royal Institute of Philosophy’s essay prize