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The truth about Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee: He wasn’t very good at his job

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I am aware that this essay barely scratches the surface on the issue ofabuse, enslavement and cruelty that is inflicted upon animals, worldwide. Ido not have the knowledge nor the means at this time to write a complete essayabout this most disturbing facet of human behavior. All I know is that asmembers of the human race, we are guilty of turning away from the horrors doneto animals either because of our lack of knowledge, denial (as in refusing toacknowledge such ugly reality), or because of our refusal to take action due toour selfish self-absorption with our own individual problems. Every bit ofcooperation and involvement counts. Gradually, we can take steps towards thebetterment of human treatment of animals, and maybe all of these horrific storiesof animal abuse that occur in our lifetime will one day be told to futuregenerations as tales about a civilization that used to exist which was comprisedof humans consumed by greed and capable of committing satanic acts of crueltyonto all other living species;whowere insensitive to the extent of engaging in the killing of animals and calledit a "sport".

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Judyth supposedly learned Russian because the conspirators who were controlling her demandedthat she do so, but she could never give a coherent account of why they would do that. But aworse problem stems from the fact that Judyth maintains that both she and Lee were beingcontrolled, at the time they met, by the plotters. The mystery is why the plotters would notsimply invite both to (say) the , sit them down and say “Judyth, this is Lee. Lee,meet Judyth.” Why did they meet in a vastly improbable chance encounter? Or if the encounterwas “set up” (as Judyth claims to suspect), why such an elaborate plot to have them meet? Andwhy would Judyth speak Russian to a random stranger at the post office?

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The whole lone assassin case hangs on the notion that Lee Harvey Oswald was the sort of disturbed individual who might have shot the president. If he was, what were the roots of his psychological problems? Oswald's chronic truancy after he and his mother moved to New York in 1952 landed him in Youth House, a facility for troubled teenagers. There professionals on the staff conducted a thorough examination of him. is the Warren Commission's summary of what they found.

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Judyth does have several love letters that she says she wrote to Lee. Unfortunately, the each of the letters, and Judyth’s word is the only evidence theywere actually written to Lee. Robert Baker’s second wife, Rose Boory-Baker, provides asuggestion as to the real nature of the letters.

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Following an introduction by renowned Lincoln scholar Harold Holzer, nine new essays explore the end of the Civil War, Lincoln’s death, and the start of the tentative peace in 1865. Michael Vorenberg discusses how Lincoln shepherded through the House of Representatives the resolution sending the Thirteenth Amendment to the states for ratification, John F. Marszalek and Michael B. Ballard examine the partnership of Lincoln’s war management and General Ulysses S. Grant’s crucial last thrusts against Robert E. Lee, and Richard Striner recounts how Lincoln faced down Confederate emissaries who proposed immediate armistice if Lincoln were to reverse the Emancipation Proclamation. Ronald C. White Jr. offers a fresh look at Lincoln’s second inaugural address, and Richard Wightman Fox provides a vivid narrative of Lincoln’s dramatic walk through Richmond after the Confederates abandoned their capital.

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Of course, this creates a huge problem, since Phillips was working at the Mexico City CIAstation during the summer of 1963, and could hardly have been the handler of Lee Oswald inNew Orleans. So the “outline” fudges a bit and admits “Mr. B may not have been Phillips.”