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Recently, older people usually suffer from deficiency of adequate respect and decency.

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In the video a Thai girl talks about how comforting it is to have other Thai people hold their hands together and bow to her. As a group, do research on the Internet to discover some ways different cultures have for treating people with respect. Present these to the class.

Respect older people essay

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Respecting a person’s age has been traditional practice in many cultures. That is slowly changing as more rational thinking is taking over resulting in older people being less respected. Respect is lost when anyone becomes a dependent on others for their physical and financial survival. Older people generally become less self reliant and vulnerable as they age, in many western countries they are left to fend for themselves in old age homes or communities for seniors. In Asian cultures, they live with their families often with children and grand children.
There are many other reasons why seniors are not always shown respect. Firstly, there is a generational gap in understanding and using technology and current issues. Secondly, there is also a huge shift in social attitudes towards many personal issues which are alien to older people. Thirdly, older people are seen as a liability in some situations. If the elderly people are ill treated then that behavior could be adopted by the young and cause many problems for the society. Disrespect in general could lead to violence, disharmony and a negative atmosphere in the society. Accepting old age as a reality that everybody has to face at some time is a good way to begin caring for older people. In Buddhist countries like Thailand, the elderly folk are always respected and taken care of.
To conclude, there is an erosion of respect for the elderly but there is also a care structure that is coming up. Age alone should not be a cause for concern or undue respect. Everybody should be accepted the way they are irrespective of their condition.

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I feel that I have made a type of transition from being a kid and respecting my elders, to being the older person returning the respect and trying to help those younger than me. Many people live thinking in one state of mind or another, but no child grows up thinking the way they do as adults, so somewhere down the road in life everyone has to make that transition. We all change and mature as we grow older, and we all have our own way of thinking. Some people believe the way they think is the way everyone should think. I on the other hand, do not. Everyone has a right to think the way they want to, but we should all respect each other’s beliefs. Adults can learn just as much from the simple mind of a child as children learn from adults. I believe in a mutual respect between the young and the old. No matter the age we all are human and we should all respect one another.

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Topic- In many countries today insufficient respect is shown to older people. What do you think may be the reasons for this?What problems might this cause in society?

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– Children who watch their parents direspect older people may do the same.
– There could be violence as a result of less respect.
– Negative environment in the society

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These messages often pose a conflict for young people who may not know where to draw the line between asserting themselves and respecting others, he says. "Whereas there is virtue in these self-respect messages, unfortunately, the messages extolling the importance of respecting others, especially those who are older, are often lost."