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Other notable events included Sargon the Great’s unification of Sumer (2334-2279 BCE); the birth of the Assyrian Empire (1200 BCE); and the rise of the Chaldeans (652 BCE).

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Where was your best vacation so far? Why?

For women that give, we want to give back. There are scholarships for mothers interested in competing in the corporate world and the like, and going back to school is a viable option.

The deadline for the current College JumpStart Scholarship is midnight April 15, 2018.

The people you meet in college — through campus professional organizations like the American Medical Student Association, social groups like fraternities and sororities, and more casual gatherings — could give you a leg up in the job market.

The deadline for the competition is April 15, 2018. When you are ready to apply, please .

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Beowulf and Captain America both go on a Hero’s Journey.

I have always had an interest in the military. I just didn’t know what I wanted to do in the military in particular. Whether it be enlisting in the Marine Corps or the Navy, or doing Army ROTC in college. One thing that was always in the back of my mind was my passion and admiration of military leaders, especially generals and admirals. I read many books and researched many things about past military leaders and wanted to be like them. I wanted to possess Patton’s battle strategies, George C Marshall’s character, and much more.


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Check with your state’s higher education authority to see what kind of assistance is available. Many states provide excellent scholarships and grants and often have special categories of award for women going back to school, minorities, and people with disabilities. Be sure to follow all application procedures and deadlines. Many colleges will not make up for state grants lost to students though late applications. Additionally, many states and private colleges administer need-based institutional funds that help round out financial aid awards.

Each MMA student-athlete competed in 3-5 individual matches.

I have been attending Missouri Military Academy for two years. It has prepared me in academics, physical fitness, moral character and leadership in ways that are modeled from West Point. It’s my desire to be a leader in the Army, and I feel that an appointment to West Point would prepare me the most to meet this goal. Especially for a situation in which true leadership and character is required to accomplish a mission and to maintain morale.