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In the novel The Art Of Racing In The Rain the author Garth Stein illustrates many situations where one or more characters are forced to change who they are and how they live.

Rain man essays In the 1988 film Rain Man it portrays a man ( Raymond Babbit) with autism

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Along the way to its completion, the original script for the movie Rain Man underwent a number of modifications. While Kim Peek served as the initial inspiration for the story, Raymond Babbitt, as portrayed so admirably by Dustin Hoffman, is a composite savant with abilities drawn from a number of different real life individuals. The main character in that movie, Raymond Babbitt, was modified to be an autistic savant. The story thus is that of a person who is autistic but also has savant skills grafted on to that basic autistic disorder. It is important to remember, therefore, that not all autistic persons are savants, and not all savants are autistic. In preparation for his role, Dustin Hoffman spent time with several other autistic savants and their families, as well as with Kim.

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There was very little follow-up because, as Donvan and Zucker write: "In 1976… the scientific community was almost entirely uninterested in the biology of autism." Future historians will be baffled that for decades after the genetic code was being deciphered (1968), the collective wisdom of the human race refused to acknowledge the biological basis of humanity.But British researchers come out of the story well: besides Rutter there is Uta Frith, who first demonstrated that autistic children often compensate for poor language skills with heightened visual awareness; Lorna Wing, author of the now-standard term autism spectrum disorder; and Simon Baron-Cohen, who showed experimentally that autistic children often lack the ability to read the minds of others.In the 1990s, the hidden condition led to an epidemic of anxiety among parents; vaccines became, for a time, the refrigerator mothers of the era; autistic people began to find their voice, a different voice; and the neurodiversity movement was born, at its most extreme sometimes inadvertently echoing the Bettelheim era in its dismissal of parents who wished to see autism "cured".

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