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Historically, antiracists challenged both the practice of racism and the process of racialisation; that is, both the practice of discriminating against people by virtue of their race and the insistence that an individual can be defined by the group to which he or she belongs. Today's multiculturalists argue that to fight racism one must celebrate group identity. The consequence has been the resurrection of racial ideas and the imprisonment of people within their cultural identities. Racial theorists and multiculturalists, the French philosopher Alain Finkielkraut observes, have 'conflicting credos but the same vision of the world'. Both fetishise difference. Both seek to 'confine individuals to their group of origin'. Both undermine 'any possibility of natural or cultural community among peoples'. Challenging such a politics of difference has become as important today as challenging racism.

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Since I began asking people to share their thoughts about race, ethnicity and cultural identity, thousands of submissions have poured in from the web, by mail, by hand and via Twitter. Spend some time scrolling through the Race Card wall. Click through to read some of the stories behind the six-word submissions. Send in your own six-word essay. Share this with your friends. Join the conversation.

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Topics may include (but are not limited to): Wives, care, unpaid labour, and parenting; histories of wife work; wives and motherhood; wives and sexuality; wives, fidelity and infidelity; wives and race; wives and violence; abuse of wives; representations of the wife in popular culture; wives and sex work; wives, monogamy, polygamy, polyamory, and alternatives; wives and the law; wives and wealth; wives and poverty; religion and wives; wives and regulation; governing wives; immigration and wives; LGBT wives; wives and same sex marriage; wives, brides and weddings; divorce and wives; wife identities; wives and patriarchy; wives and feminism; “Stepford Wives”; Post-second Wave feminism and being a wife (or not); wives, husbands, and gender performativity; wives and work

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