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Punk rock is a music style, which expresses the desire for freedom

As time went on, there have always been punk bands to carry the torch. In recent years, bands like Angelic Upstarts, Drop Kick Murphy, Flogging Molly and Anti-flag have all had political messages. There is no shrinking to the sidelines to croon love songs and high school graduation themes. That certainly does not mean that all punk rock is political. It just means that punk rock has always been thoughtful and fully aware of what goes on in society, and that awareness has been reflected in the music. Anti-conformity has always been a prominent thread running through punk.The unofficial creed has always been that to truly define yourself you can't be like your parents or your friends. You have to be yourself and to cut yourself out of stone. Each punk band you ever encounter will be slightly different from all the others. Some bands are lyrically different for their song lyrics, some for their guitar chords, and some for the theme of their music. But whatever the music is about, you can always be assured that it will be high energy, raw, and honest.

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The artists always tried to reinvent their performance to be new, and something that no one else had. Often the bands sing lyrics with a whiney and sneering vocal quality, delivering their message with twisted sarcasm and in addition, singing out of sync at times, adding to the chaotic sounds already produced by the other instruments. In closing, punk rock was never made to be sugar-coated background music supplied by MTV for the masses. It was never meant to be harmless, bland, complacent or 04ready made for mass consumption. Punk rock is about the message. And now it seems that because the industry has decided to re-package punk as something fresh and new and as a happy-go-lucky-be-my-girlfriend-or-I'll-cry phenomena, there are millions of teens and twenty-something adults thinking that they are punk rockers because they can go to any Hot Topic in America and buy their new punk identity for $49.99 plus sales tax. In reality, these kids find the true original punk ideals and ways of life just as shocking as the establishment did in the 1970s.

Punk Rock an informative essay at EssayPedia com aploon Punk Music essays

And therein lay their strength and their weakness. When you have condensed something to its purest form, how do you improve upon it? The Ramones are one of those groups who should probably have broken up at the height of their powers, or better still, spontaneously combusted on stage. Tommy departed after Rocket To Russia in 1977 to follow a career in production, already cognisant that the group really had nowhere to go. The Ramones tried to develop but each additional chord change betrayed their fundamental raison d’être. Johnny’s guitar solos demonstrated what a limited player he really was. Lyrics got longer without getting any better. They tried light and poppy and big and heavy. They embraced the emerging hardcore scene, with bassist Dee Dee ranting tunelessly over thrash-metal. And eventually they reverted to what they knew best, becoming the Status Quo of punk. They never really achieved the commercial and financial success their influence warranted until one by one they shuffled off the stage. Joey died in 2001 aged 49, Dee Dee in 2002 aged 50, Johnny in 2004 aged 55. For a band who perfectly encapsulated the dumb essence of rock’s eternal youth, perhaps old age was never an option. Tommy, the first to leave, was the last to go.

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