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If poverty is reduced significantly, the problem of child labour may take care of itself.

Child labour essay-How to solve child labour social problem

Whether it is a toy for a child or a jacket to keep you warm, it was probably was made using child labor in one of the many different parts of the globe.

Child labor is social problem with the rise of industrial production and capitalism.

How Can We Stop Child Labor Problems Young People Essay

no where does it make any mention of abultion or elimination of child labor Although the Child labour Prohibition and Regulation Act of 1986 has suggested reasonable working conditions for Essay On The Food Security In India; An Indispensible Essay on Life ; Essay on your School.
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The supply and demand forces emanating from poverty element appear to perpetuate the problem of child labour.

The main ethical problems involved with these large trans-national
companies like “Nike” are that firstly, children well below the
minimum working age are able to work in huge factories by showing
unreliable identification, secondly most workers are labouring in
sweatshop conditions, they are being abused of their human rights and
finally, the wages that they are being given are very low although
they are the legal minimum for that particular country.

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