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Deanesly, Margaret. . Cambridge: Cambridge Univ. Press, 1920. Rpt. Eugene, OR: Wipf and Stock, 2002. [A seminal study, though some of her claims, notably the authorship of tracts in her Appendices, have been disproven; note especially Hudson’s essay “The Debate on Bible Translation, Oxford 1401,” below. Her appendices alone are included on the . (22.8 mb)]

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However, as Fricke points out immediately after this, the Jewish practice was "(i)n contrast to Roman criminal procedure, (where) the confession of the accused was sufficient." Under all interpretations, Jesus' extracted "confession" was USED by the high priests to convict Him in a Roman court before Pilate. The question by Caiaphas, Kilpatrick recognizes in a similar vein, "was put in order to have grounds for a political charge, to be preferred by Pilate". Whether it was used to convict Him in the Jewish court is another matter.

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But it is more likely that she’ll make some money off the unending fascination with the JFK case than that people familiarwith the historical record will believe her.
And the Lee Harvey Oswald action figure isn’t in the cards.

– Thanks to the following people who have provided helpful information andcritical comments on various drafts of this essay: Joe Biles, Robert Chapman, Dennis Frank,Louis Girdler, Paul Hoch, Robert Johnson, John Leyden, David Lifton, Dave Reitzes, and PaulSeaton.

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Betts, R.R. “English and Czech Influence in the Hussite Movement.” Transactions of the Royal Historical Society 4th series, 21 (1939): 74-102. Rpt. in Betts, ed. Essays in Czech History. London: Athlone, 1969. 132-59.

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Cowell, Herbert. The Character and Place of Wickliffe as a Reformer. The Stanhope Prize essay, 1857. [For a contemporary review of this study, with 10 other publications, see “Wycliffe–His Biographers and Critics,” British Quarterly Review 28 (1858), included below.]