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Is your staff maximizing your advertising dollars with the proper telephone skills? Anne Sadovsky shows you how to turn telephone calls into telephone arrivals. With this essential video training resource your staff will learn: how the telephone and the computer are the most important marketing tools in your office, the magic words that will create excitement and arrivals, how your attitude is heard in every word, how to track, document and follow-up, how one little word is costing your leases, and how answering one question turns off the caller. (approximate running time: 35 min.)

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You have asked for this topic on DVD, now it is here! Leasing and Resident Retention in Today's Changing World.

Dealing with change is often a time consuming and challenging part of our lives; to the point that what we thought was right yesterday is questionable today and doubtful tomorrow. Every aspect of our lives is impacted by a whirlwind of chaos, often brought about by unexpected or, difficult to handle, change. This session gives insight into technology, aging, letting go of the past, valuing your customers, retaining them, marketing and leasing, and much more. You will laugh, you may cry and you certainly will see how much change is changing you!

You will learn and enjoy:
- Why resident retention is more important than ever before
- What is working to lease more apartments and have fun doing it!
- The likability factor; you are the key.
- How technology may be hurting your communication skills!
- Why negative thinking is contagious!
- What motivates you and others!
- Nobody is perfect; Dealing with difficult people.
- Road rage and other anger hot buttons.
- Stress management and the bottom line.
- Why racism and prejudice has to end!
- Patriotism, loyalty and America.

This Power Packed DVD is approximately 1 hour long. Use it for training, uplifting meetings, in groups or as a self tutorial tool. Taped before a live audience, unedited and uncut, Anne drives the points home in her most popular keynote address with that distinct humor and powerful message only she can deliver. Shipping and handling not included in price and will be added at checkout. Place your order TODAY and have Anne onsite anytime you need her. It's the next best thing to having Anne at your meetings and training your team.

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While watching the aftermath of the Tucson shootings, I am seeing an effort by both political parties, an effort from those with opposing thoughts, beliefs and sides, an effort by the masses to ‘come together'. Our President has asked both political parties to come into meetings and sit together instead of separately, to talk and hear each other. Perhaps letting go of some of the divisiveness that has become unkind, insensitive, inappropriate and far from fruitful will stick and not fade away after the rawness of tragedy is healing.

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You must also be experts in HR…and know how to hire superstars for not a lot more that minimum wage, and how to let people go without getting the company sued. You must also know how to correct employees who come to work in their pajamas or something equivalent, tattooed and pierced to the max, orange and purple hair or so inappropriately dressed they look like they are going straight to the bar after work.

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What is important is that you stay aware and channel your power for good; use it to make everyone you encounter be happier, smarter, braver, grander! Use your power to do a great job at your job; your career. Use it to give yourself a raise…by being the best, to make smart decisions. Use it to influence others in a positive way, to make a difference in their lives and in the success of your company, to insure that your customers get what they really want and need. Use it to raise children to love themselves.

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So, in spite of things I have missed... I know that it is the mission, the purpose of helping others succeed, to improve their skills and lives, to make them happier, that drives us. I have been fortunate to have maintained relationships. I have had someone to come home to most of the 30 years that I have been 'on the road', and I feel that has brought a pretty good balance in my life. I wish that for all of you, don't miss the really important things so that you never have regrets. Value those who put up with our lifestyle, and love us in spite of it. Say "I love and appreciate you" more often. When you are at home, spend quality time. God bless you in this brand new year and decade. We are valuable to our field, we have a calling, we are blessed with our talent and most importantly we are blessed with friendship and with love!

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As long as there has been life on this planet there has been conflict; from the dinosaurs and cavemen, cowboys and Indians, different religions, husbands and wives, employers and employees. However, today conflict seems to be more the usual than the occasional challenge. Modern-day Americans have higher 'deserve levels', shorter fuses and are more outspoken. Add the increasing use of profanity, lack of respect for others and we often find ourselves in all out wars. The result? Loss of valuable time and productivity, stress caused physical symptoms, the emotional roller coaster, lost relationships, legal fees and unhappy, complaining customers who stop doing business with us.