The same cannot be said for other Modern works.

Summers, Montague. The Vampire: His Kith and Kin. London: Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner, 1928.

They are unique, possibly making them more appealing to the reader.

The Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis is a comprehensive attempt to answer that question and is the work of 63 highly-qualified scientists from 55 universities in 16 countries, collaborating as the Comet Research Group. Members include nuclear analytical chemist Richard Firestone of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, world-renowned oceanographer Jim Kennett of the University of California, Wendy Wollbach Professor of Inorganic Chemistry and Geochemistry at DePaul University, Albert Goodyear, Professor of Archaeology at the University of South Carolina, Geophysicist Allen West, Astrophysicist Malcolm Le Compte, Geologists James Teller and Ted Bunch – and more than 50 other leading researchers from a wide range of disciplines.

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Though as the genre has developed so has the role of women.

In the case of the focus was on Canadian archaeologist Jacques Cinq-Mars, ostracised in the 1990’s because his excavations at Bluefish Caves in the Yukon “directly challenged mainstream thinking” with evidence that the peopling of the Americas had begun many thousands of years earlier than had previously been thought.

Such stories appeared continuously, building on the already growing fear in Europe.

In history the first possible mention of Lilith was in Mesopotamia, where was she known as Lilitu, the storm demon, thought to bring both disease and death.

Mead’s series is the only known saga which directly makes reference to vampire folklore.

No longer desensitized to emotion the opinion of the vampire changed.

for years I appreciate your unprejudiced and out of the box thoughts to enlighten unresolved mysteries of the prehistoric past. I would like to call your attention to a newly published book ‘Mythen, Götter und Gelehrtes’, unfortunately for the anglophone world, written in German. Written by a physicist it proposes approaches explanations for ancient myths, astronomy and geology of today very much based on sound natural sciences plausibilities proven by mathematical calculations. A sketch of some theses is outlined on the webpage: . Curious to learn about other researchers thinking about the comprehensive picture of an alternative prehistory.

The coffins and crosses were gone, replaced with desire and luxury.

Imo the last big catastrophe, flood and earthquakes would have been 11,500 years ago. There was also a meteor that hit South America which was stopped bouncing by the Andes. It was around this time. One of the causes of major earthquakes is where our planets are in our solar system. The same as there is no I in team, there is no I in solar system. It’s a system that works together. The last major catastrophe occurred on the 4th of July 9483 bce. This video shows what caused many large killer earthquakes with the last one showing the 9483 bce date.

Rice’s works became the turning point yet again for the vampire.

Thank you for all of your hard work and the time you have dedicated to this topic. I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavours. I can only hope that one day I will have an opportunity to hear you speak live and the pleasure to shake you hand.

Reaction towards the series was considered to be positive.

Einstein suggested the existence of gravitational waves close to 100 years ago and although there was no proof they existed until a year ago the science community did not give up their search for them. So why is it that when you suggest an alternate version of what my have happened in the distant past the science community scoffs at you and says you have no proof? In my opinion these two scenarios are the same and whether you are right or wrong it is unfair to you and science in general if the proper amount of time is not spent on this topic to hash out the real story.

Meyers work saw the vampire become the stuff of every girls dream.

In all your research and wanderings, have you ever come across an historical myth from differing continents/peoples that identify another area of the sky where ‘angels fell to Earth over many years, bringing with them new ways for Man to live, until the heavens felt displeasure at the evolution of Man’s animal instincts into those akin to Gods, and sent great destroyers to wipe those evolving from the face of existence’?