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If poverty tends to criminalize people, it is also true that criminalization inexorably impoverishes them. Scott Lovell, another homeless man I interviewed in Washington, earned his record by committing a significant crime — by participating in the armed robbery of a steakhouse when he was 15. Although Mr. Lovell dresses and speaks more like a summer tourist from Ohio than a felon, his criminal record has made it extremely difficult for him to find a job.

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Professors George L Kelling and James Q Wilson first unveiled the theory – which essentially states that to bring down the overall crime rate officers must aggressively pursue petty crimes to deter more serious ones – in a . Bratton has championed the policy for over two decades in various positions: as chief of the New York City transit police, commissioner of the Boston police department, commissioner of the NYPD under Mayor Rudy Giuliani, chief of the Los Angeles police department, and now again commissioner in New York City.

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John A Eterno, a retired New York City police captain and professor of criminal justice at Molloy College, says reforms come down to more than just numbers and will take time. The recent, well-documented quarrels between the mayor and the NYPD, he says, are just one example of the scale of the challenge.

May 31, 2017 · NYPD Sergeant Charged With Murder In Shooting Of Elderly Woman With Mental Illness Sgt. Hugh Barry shot Deborah Danner in her apartment in October.