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As a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) who has been practicing for more than a year, an advanced nurse with a Master of Science in Administration for ten years, a military nurse leader for twenty years, and a home health and ICU nurse for more than twenty – five years, I agree that we need...

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Depending upon the state laws and regulations governing the practice of NPs in a given state, nurse practitioners can diagnose and treat patients much like can, and they can bill health insurers for their office time and procedures, although sometimes at a lower reimbursement rate than physicians. Therefore, NPs are direct revenue producers for practices and hospitals, and as such, they have even more job security than other types of nurses, and can demand higher salaries. NPs allow a medical practice to treat more patients and become more efficient without adding a proportionate amount of overhead expense to the practice.

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We all hate responding to the types of questions typically ask. "Why do you want to become a nurse practitioner?" and "Talk about a time you overcame a challenge" can be difficult questions to answer...eloquently at least. Responding by saying "so you can and aren't sure what else to do with your life" isn't going to cut it.

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