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I found that this book, as in Daisy Miller, has a female point of interest throughout.

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Though parts of "Daisy Miller" surely criticize the bankrupt institution of culture worship, to over-contextualize the piece into an exceptionally creative piece of anthropology is a mistake.

Following the box-office failure of *Daisy Miller* the venture collapsed (Cross 2000: 127).

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The U-Boat Hunters, which completes Milner's analysis of the RCN's battle with Germany's submarines, is a pioneering study of the final years of the Atlantic war and a landmark work in both Canadian and modern naval history.

A study of the frocks, patrol jackets and tunics of the Canadian Militia including chapters on field equipment and Small Arms.

With fully searchable text, over 800 pages and more than 6000 citations, this DVD is the essential reference guide for collectors, historians, schools, archivists, museum, genealogists and families with an interest in the First World War.

Winterbourne gives a small smile; Daisy smiles back, and turns her head once again towards the show.

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Part 1 of this volume, “Materials,” suggests background readings, critical texts to use in the classroom, and various teaching resources. In part 2, “Approaches,” twenty-three essays cover different approaches to Daisy Miller and The Turn of the Screw (among others, new-historicist, biographical, metatextual, semantic, queer-theoretical, visual), show how these two novellas may be taught alongside their film adaptations, and discuss the use of these works in a composition course.

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as though it were a thriller" (Horne 1998: 17), while in the most recent essay on the subject, David Cross congratulates Bogdanovich on "his attempt to 'imply certain things that [James] leaves unimplied' " (Cross 2000: 139).In this essay, I want to consider Bogdanovich's *Daisy Miller* in relation to the principal debates over the representation of gender in the cinema, which emerged at the time of the film's release, and which retain their importance today.

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This interpretation neglects some of the ideas in "Daisy Miller" that connect it to some of the most common themes of modernist literature (loss, missed opportunities for redemption/rebirth).

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Having visited Rome in 1969, he had become intrigued by "the whole idea of an Italian versus American background", which prompted him to film *Daisy Miller* (quoted in Harris 1990: 160).