Among typical manipulation techniques are:

Identical twins, or monozygotic twins, are siblings whose genotypes are duplicates of each other.

Sci/Tech Doubt cast on ‘gay gene’ (1999) retrieved from:

Reis then makes the rather amazing statement that If it were as simple as that, then there would be no controversy. What is a fact is that a sizable percentage of the population continues to believe that homosexual behaviour is immoral--73% consider same sex relations to be (Laumann, 1994). The entire controversy is about relative values, and ethical educators must take this into consideration when teaching about homosexuality.

This coefficient ought to be higher in identical twins than in fraternal twins.

Social Learning Theory Bandura (n.d.) retrieved from:

I ruined everything: dinners, conversations, evenings out, holidays - by mentioning an ex's name, getting my purse out in front of his friends or wanting to carry my own passport and money when we were overseas.

For instance, the survey asked subjects to rate themselves on the trait of sociability.

Kaboom! Gill's comments "unleased a firestorm" within the country's gay and lesbian community, according to a Jan. 2 article in Xtra West, a long-standing homosexual publication.

That trait was correlated with 5 out of 6 attitude factors subjects had toward sociability.

These observations suggest that personality is heritable.

The Surrey School Board examined the books, and declined to include them as supplementary educational material on the grounds that the books were inappropriate for such young children, and that their use would interfere with the rights of parents as the primary educators of their children, and would also undermine the relationship between home and school.

However, the environment must also be looked at.

Note: According to an article in , the newsmagazine of the BC Teachers' Federation (May/June 2002., P. 9, Whither the Surrey book-banning case?") the BCTF has donated $80,000 to the case against the Surrey school board. .

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Reportedly (according to ), the legal battles over the book question has drained $764,898 from the school-district funds. Will the public blame the School Board, which has stood up for parental rights, or will they blame the persistent attempts of the local teachers' association and others who are attempting to have the schools act as propagandizing instruments for a pro-homosexuality agenda?

II. Classical and Positivist Views of Behavior

Now that the Surrey book case is to be heard all over again, we must wonder whether the highest court in the land will see the force of Justice Mackenzie's logic or rule with Justice Saunders against the rights of people of faith.

1. Giambattista della Porta (1535–1615)

In a judgement released in September of 2000, in the Appeals Court of B.C., Justice Mackenzie had come down on the side of the Surrey Board and ruled against the December, 1998 decision of Justice Saunders in the BC Supreme Court. (Incredibly, Justice Saunders had ruled, in effect, that parents and other citizens whose morality springs from their religious beliefs have no right to have those morals influence school board decisions. In a cogent argument against the Saunders decision, Justice Mackenzie in his judgement of September, 2000, had asked the following rhetorical question:

2. Johann Kaspar Lavater (1741–1801)

On October 4th (2001) the Supreme Court of Canada granted leave to appeal to the complainants who had challenged the Surrey School Board over its ban on the use of pro-homosexuality primary books as teaching materials. The leave to appeal was in spite of the complainants having missed the sixty-day deadline to file.