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/ So messed up." The poet's situation is reminiscent of the Pueblo and Navajo myths in which young
men wander into dangerous territory, ultimately to offer their lives to the great Gambler in exchange for dazzling
possessions or the thrill of playing for high stakes.

There are poems of loss, recovery, and disorientation, such as "Today, the A-Train, 168th to 14th," and poems of
longing to return to health, such as "Hunger in New York City." Back home in western New Mexico, Ortiz sees urban life
taking a toll in "For Those Sisters & Brothers in Gallup," about a reservation border town where lives are often wasted by

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Those days in 1991 were among my life’s most alienating. I was never more ashamed of being an American. While the bombing continued, I was writing a letter that became a book. Writing it was a form of therapy, trying to make sense of and recover from my . I was putting my wife through graduate school for her doctorate in psychology. Consequently, she believed in the process and began insisting that I see a psychologist. She found one who specialized in treating post-traumatic stress disorder ("PTSD"). His office was down the road from Wright Patterson Air Force Base, which is the world's premier Air Force base. He specialized in treating soldiers with PTSD. I was definitely a candidate for his therapy. I had a few months of it and it helped. I finished my letter/book as part of my therapy. He assured me that I was quite sane, but living in an insane world.

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I was cautiously optimistic, but doubted that our government officials would behave themselves. Iraqi children were still dying by the thousands, our government would look for another opportunity to bomb Iraq, and they had learned their lesson. The next time they moved to bomb Iraq, even the appearance of a democratic consensus being achieved with the public would not be risked. Our government would likely stage no more "town meetings" before they bomb somebody. The December 1998 bombing of Iraq validated my suspicion. That one had no warning or propaganda buildup. It happened on the day that Clinton was impeached. Similarly, the summer before, America bombed Sudan and Afghanistan when the Lewinsky scandal was headline news. With and timing, the movie came out soon before we bombed Sudan and Afghanistan. Did life imitate art again? In the autumn of 1998, the propaganda machine revved up again. The subsequent bombing of Yugoslavia was the same, with no selling of the war to the American people before it began.

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