Childhood I use to love playing with my toys.

With the experience of observing toys at Target, my favorite childhood book Corduroy, ..


She made the people and events of rural California at the turn of the century as real to me as were those of my own childhood in the 1930s.

So I came by my storytelling instincts honestly but, as soon became apparent, their acquisition was all that was honest about them.

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My Childhood Memory Final Essay Sample

I don’t remember an object from my childhood because I usually didn’t like to play with toys. I always love to play soccer and all the time I had a soccer ball with me. I remember when I was young, sometimes I couldn’t take my soccer ball to school and I made a paper soccer ball with tape and I played with it. That was my object, a soccer ball, and I always took it with me in a backpack wherever I went. I didn’t think the soccer ball was a transitional object because years later I forgot about it and started to think different. Now I always have a gold chain that my mother gave me and I take care of it because I always think of her.

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I was out horse shopping almost before we were unpacked.

In our old house, mysteriously like the one I'd described in , I finished The ,, Theand the three books of the .

Like so many of my books, the trilogy's deepest root goes back to my early childhood when I played a game that involved crossing a grove of oak trees by climbing from tree to tree, because something incredibly dangerous lived "below the root." Years later when I was writing The Changeling I recalled the game, and in the course of embellishing it for that story, became intrigued with the idea of returning to the world of Green- sky for a longer stay.

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