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Great Expectations focuses on Pip and we view the narrative through his eyes.

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This novel reworks his own childhood as a first-person narrative; Dickens was fortunate and had an advantage of writing Great Expectations due to him living in the Victorian times, and he related his life experiences with the main character of the play, ‘Pip’....

When going to Miss Havisham's House Pip is introduced to Estella and the moment he sets eyes on her, his 'Great Expectations' begin.

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Soon after, a group of rebel soldiers return to the village, listening to Mr Watts explain over the course of 7 days his life story, purposely linking his story with Pip's from Great Expectations.

In Great Expectations, during the middle of the book, Pip creates a rather low opinion of himself acting arrogant and conceited to others.

Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations shows the character motivation of Pip, whose desire of wealth and belonging to aristocratic society in Victorian England causes drastic self-improvement throughout the novel....

Matilda's mother, Dolores, hid Great Expectations, so Mr Watts could not prove that Pip was a character.