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In comparison with the other new mothers I knew, I felt lucky to have three months’ paid maternity leave after Karl was born. Most of the parents in my community had only weeks before they had to leave their babies to go back to work. But nonetheless, even with three months under our belts and Karl’s neck strong enough to hold himself up, I was uncomfortable with the idea of leaving him. I wanted to be his caregiver longer, until he was a bit bigger. I could see how our time together in this early infancy was of so much value, how being with me every day made him more and more comfortable navigating his new environment. I noticed how he looked to me to learn things and make sense of his world. I could tell how safe and secure he felt. Though it was a hard and tiring time, every minute with Karl felt like an investment in his current and future well-being. Not to mention I was hopelessly tickled with him.

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Beautifully written and powerful essay, thank you. As the mother of an 11- and 7-year-old, I’ve found more personal/writing time as my kids have gotten older; older kids generally need less constant attention, and by age 10/11, often prefer to be with friends. (This of course may not be true for many special needs children.) They still need their parents a whole lot, but it isn’t the overwhelming, suffocating kind of need I felt when they were newborn/toddlers. But in my experience, it does not get easier to “do what we want.” This essay reminded me to keep asking what I want (do men ever question this?), and that I deserve help (from my partner, etc.) to get it.

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Wow! I don’t normally comment on things I read, but this really spoke to my emotions and was beautifully written. I am currently holding my baby in the NICU who was born at 25 weeks. It has been a terrifying experience, and there is a part of me that will probably always blame myself even though I know that’s wrong. This baby has already changed the way I view things, and I have a feeling he has a few more lessons to teach me. I am already learning how little control I have over life, and how to accept that. Thanks for sharing your story!

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Not being a mother, I don’t know the dilemma of balancing being a person and being a mother, but this beautifully written article made me feel it, or at least gave me a feeling of unease, for a couple minutes. I find myself wondering if I could do it, if my life, my needs and my passions are not just too big to squeeze them up away for some years.

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I am a writer and mother of two (ages 4 and 1), and your essay brought up so much for me. I understand the sheer amount of work to do, the nursing and interrupted sleep, the details and mundanity and constant wiping of tables and floors and faces.

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GEMSTONE- I agree with you. I feel the grips of motherhood and the losing of one’s identity as well, but I also work full time with two younger children and felt her overbearing stress on other people watching your children to be insulting. No one will debate that there is no substitute for our children’s mothers, but many women work, for many different reasons. Sometimes its simply so they don’t get swallowed alive at home which she seems to imply happens to mothers anyway, whether they are at work, or at home. Sure, she’s a writer and every writer I’ve ever met and known, likes to stress the importance of their work above others. While I found her points to be valid in many ways, the truth is that mothering is not for the selfish or weak of heart- it is a sacrifice we make to raise the best children we can. She seems to forget that most married couples with children are not choosing to live with a parent and therefore reaping the benefits that come with that, benefits that could include not being forced to work outside the home, away from their children in order to pay the mortgage.

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What a wonderful piece of writing. You communicated so many feelings I have experienced as a mother to a son born at 25 weeks. You have a true gift and I thank you for sharing.