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Religion is one kind of knowledge, and morality is a life lived in accordance with that knowledge.

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(18) Morality is satanic. Despite the fact that many religious people equate morality with godliness, it is really the deceptive and diabolic tactic of the deceiver. The devil, the "father of lies" (John 8:44) and all falsehood, has substituted a fallacious system of behavioral guidelines as the basis of "goodness." The "god of this world" (II Cor. 4:4) has blinded the minds of men to keep them from seeing that anything not derived from God is evil and sinful. In the name of "religion," morality is established which calls the selfishly motivated efforts of man "good" and "righteous," when they are but evil derived from the Evil One.

Atheism, after all, ends up as a negation of morality, and every true moral transformation starts with a religious renewal.

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Despite this gloriously liberating reality of the Christian gospel, the natural, religious man does not like "grace" and "freedom;" it takes away all his "control." So even within the context of the first century, the reaction of the religionists, the moralists, is recorded in the New Testament itself. The Judaizers seemed to follow Paul wherever he went, attempting to impose religious morality on the new Christians, attempting to supplement the gospel of grace with external morality strictures. They wanted to keep a legalistic law-based morality; the very thing Jesus had come to put an end to by His grace! Paul would have none of it. He indicated that what they were teaching was "another gospel" which was "not gospel at all." It was damnable! (Gal. 1:6-10).

This is the common starting point of morality and religion.Morality was born by prohibition and has remained a prohibition until today.

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In this essay I will consider some knowledge issues considering the view of two different areas of knowledge, which I chose natural science and religion.

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The so-called "good" intentions of prevailing moralizers allegedly acting for the "good" of the whole, their moralities and ethics are always based on their fallen and self-serving motivations. They "bind up" others in the tyranny of legalistic performances, encouraging them to strive and struggle to perform goodness, right living, morality, modesty, etc. Such is the bondage of religion and morality.

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This trend had a permanent tendency to maintain an independent position against religion which all the while continued to approach it unconsciously.

Therefore, it is possible to imagine a truly religious but immoral man and vice versa.

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Religion is the answer to the question of how to think and believe, while morals are the answer to the question of how to desire and aim or how to live and behave.

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The Qur'an uncovers a reverse relation and shows how religion can find a strong incentive in morality: "You will not believe until you give amply of what is dear to your heart." It is not: "Believe and you will be a good man," but the reverse: "Be a good man and you will believe." To the question of how one can strengthen his faith, the answer is: "Do good and by so doing you will find God." Excerpted from the book "Islam Between East and West" by.