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1.) I think students should be able to take phones to school because they could really need it. Phones should not be banned from school because I like my phone.
2.) My schools policy on phones is to not use it during class time but you may use it during lunch or unless a teacher says it’s ok. Yes I bring a phone to school because if I have to my mom wants me to contact her. It has helped my learning like me using a calculator for math.
3.) I think that phones can be distracting to certain people but not all. Yes students look at their phones for texting and using apps and calculators to cheat when they don’t know the answer. I have seen other students using their to cheat many times by looking up the answer to questions or using a calculator. I can’t really say if they can foster social drama or bullying because I haven’t seen it happen yet.
4.) I have used my phone as a learning tool like going to websites or a calculator.
5.) Yes it is very important for students to be able to communicate with their parents in case there is an emergency if anything happens to the student or to their family.

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No it shouldn’t be banned from schools because it can be a very helpful tool for the learning environment. Not sure what the school policy is about cellphones, however I do know they cannot be used during class hours unless otherwise stated by the teacher.

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— Should students be allowed to take cellphones to school? Or should cellphones be banned in schools, as New York City has officially done for several years?

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I believe that as a student, having your cellphone at school is very necessary. I do not believe that carrying a cellphone on you during school should be banned for students. My school policy regarding cellphones is that as a student it is allowed to be brought to school but turned off and put away during school hours. Although, it is allowed to be used if you have a free period or a lunch period. I personally bring my phone to school everyday. My cellphone has both helped and hurt my learning. Sometimes having a cellphone can be a great learning tool for certain activities during school. Also, during my free period , first period it has helped me with finishing my online homework without me needing to go to the library and use the computer. Having my cellphone during school has also hurt my learning because sometimes it can be used as a distraction during class. I believe that cellphones can be a distraction during school to a certain extent because some kids are focused on their work and know when and when not to use their phone and others care more about the use of their phones then actually learning. Sometimes when someones phone goes off during class or they feel the need to text someone they might use their phones during class and they will not be focused on the lesson that their teacher has present to them. I myself have seen a student use their phone to cheat but it is not something that happens often. I feel as if cellphones do cause social media drama and bullying during school at times but that can also happen at home or anywhere. I believe that some students use their phones for good learning tools during school and others may use it as a distraction depending on the student. A big reason why kids need their phones during school is to communicate with their parents. I, myself use my phone to contact my mother after school everyday because I do not have busing to and from school. There are many different personal reasons why someone might need to contact a parent during school.