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In the essay about , I showed how the transition from Red Jacket Swamp to Gregory Park was depicted on maps from 1906, 1896 and 1884:

Recently, I got hold of a map that takes this sequence back a further 25 years. The map is from 1859, and is called ‘Plan of Portions 203 to 257 in the Environs of Brisbane, Parish of Enoggera, County of Stanley, New South Wales’. You can see it at the Queensland State Archives (Item ID620656) and at the State Library (Record 727379). It covers the Milton Reach of the river, including all of Milton and Rosalie, much of Auchenflower, and parts of Paddington and Toowong. Further sheets in the series show the CBD and other parts of inner Brisbane.

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The structure of Milton’s Satan, the romanticizing of this tragic hero and the defining of the character in paralleled response to Milton’s Paradise Regained, will be approached, highlighted and emphasized in this essay....

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Steadman supports this view in an essay on "Paradise Lost:" "It is Adam's action which constitutes the argument of the epic." Steadman continues: The Son and Satan embody heroic archetypes and that, through the interplay of the infernal and celestial strategies, Milton represents Satan's plot against man and Christ's resolution to save him...

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