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07/04/2013 · The three years I spent at Beit were fairly stable and happy years

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Little did I know then that my dad never did abuse me. It almostsplit my parent’s marriage of 32 years apart and destroyed the closerelationship that my dad and I had. I am presently seeing anothertherapist who has helped me face a lot of the issues. I did notrealize that my memories were false ones until a few months ago when afriend of mine had the same problems with the hospital and hertherapist as well.

School vocabulary – lesson and audio: I think that, of all my childhood memories, the strongest are from when I was in school

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Though each and everyday of my life is remarkable and memorable for me, but still there are some unforgettable memories which would always be at the back of my head i.e. My school days.

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As someone who experienced false memories from exactly what Dr. Rossdescribed, a therapy cult, I beg to differ with his judgment that thefalse memories are merely a ’minor component of the problem’ It wasthe content of the false memories which led me to believe that I wasmolested by my father and then included my mother, that I wassatanically ritually abused by my grandfather and my mother and a hostof others. It was the content of the memories that totally alienatedme from my parents and led to my complete inability to function as awife, a mother, a daughter, sister, nurse. The content of the memoriesled me into a nightmare world where I was unable to discern what wasreal and what was not. I lived in total fear, for my life even, formonths on end, that grew into years.

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I have never forgotten the first day when I went to the school

In the spring of 1994, I began to become aware of what was happeningto me. It was too late to save the year. I lost almost all my creditsin school. I decided to switch programs. I tried to straighten out mylife and I made contact with my family again. I went to summer schooland got nineties in my courses. I never told anyone my memories hadbeen false.

Some of the great memories in my childhood ..

I also liked the school euro football tournament.”“My favourite memory in school is when I started school in reception and I met lots of people and the teachers in the school.”“My favourite memory of Archibald was when we went to Hawkirst Scout activity centre to do lots of great activities, like the crate staking and the water sports.

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A while ago I got information from you for an essay I was doing onfalse memories in relation to my experience. I promised then that Iwould send you a copy of my essay when I was done. I got a 100 percent on itfrom a professor who ralely gives above an 85 percent. Here it is. I have noproblem with my paper being used in the newsletter as I would love tohelp others. Clare (Editors note: Because of space limitations, wecondensed Clare’s essay to include only her personal account.)

They determine my effort into high school

I think the stress reached its peak when my then 16-year-olddaughter started thinking of suicide and had to be hospitalized. InFebruary 1994, I began to doubt the memories. When I returned to myparents’ home after the divorce, I was certain the memories were nottrue. I started to question my family in detail and read school andmedical records. None of these things agreed with what I had been toldhad happened.

I do not think my best memory of my life has happened to me yet

Nearly all of my friends went there and we had a really good time.”“My best memory was when I came into nursery and building up until now I am in Year 4 and I am looking at nursery children now and it gives back memories.”“My favourite memory of Archibald First School was the Year 4 trip to Beamish.