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Every type of plan has different cost and covers a specific type of services. Some plans only cover the hospital bills, while other plans might account for additional benefits such as dental, hearing, vision, and many other plans include prescription drugs. The Medicare plans are not for all the doctors and the health care facilities in the region. These can be availed when you visit specific doctors and go the certain specified hospitals.

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However, what many analysts fail to mention are the potential benefits to the elderly and disabled beyond mere life extension. In 2010 Medicare provided health insurance to 48 million Americans, the vast majority of whom are over retirement age, and typically earn less than half of US average income. Even with an average household savings of around $67,000, these men and women fall pitifully short of covering their medical costs. Without access to government-subsidized health care, many elderly people would not seek proper preventative care, often requiring more expensive emergency care instead. Additionally, Medicare has had a significant human rights impact, allowing the elderly and disabled to lead dignified and comfortable lives.

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While both sides root their arguments in data, the debates on the impact of Medicare reflect larger debates on the role of government in health care generally in the United States today. Undoubtedly, Medicare has had a significant positive impact on the millions who benefit from its services, but this personal impact may not be valuable enough to justify its cost in an overburdened economy.

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The Medicare Part C plans are often referred to as the “Medicare Advantage Plans”. These Medicare plans are operated by the private companies or in some cases they might be run by the government itself. But these are mostly operated by the private insurance companies. These plans cover the costs for hospital stays and also cover for the doctor visits. To be eligible for the Part C plan of the Medicare you must have the Part A and Part B Medicare plans. It is essential that the area where the Plan C is available. Moreover, you can only apply for Part C plan if you don’t have an end-stage renal disease, which requires dialysis or any sort of kidney transplantation. The Part A plan covers all the hospital insurance while the Part B plan deals with the medical insurance. The part C plan can be availed by the people if they have these two plans are already being availed by them.