What are some climate mechanisms and oscillations?

What are the time scales associated with climate mechanisms and modes?

What are some Arctic Climate Indices?

During the urbanization of the High Middle Ages, and even with the spread of watermills, Europe’s workforce was still about 80% devoted to farming. The productivity of industrialized agriculture led to the great decline in agricultural workers. By 1800, less than 40% of the English workforce was involved in agriculture. As late as 1870, more than 70% of the USA’s workforce was still engaged in agriculture, and that figure .

A Voyage to Abadan, Bill Jopes with Doug Dekeyser, Xlibris Corporation, 1999

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To briefly revisit , to that speculation above, scientists ideally want persuasive evidence that humans drove and to extinction. They want Acheulean or later technological artifacts associated with kills of those species. All that scientists have found for so far are some teeth and jawbones. Although such deductive reasoning is sound, the fossil and artifactual record is so thin that such evidence will probably never be adduced, even if it was a common event 150-100 kya. survived for nine million years and disappeared around when more lethal humans arrived, and a , soon after anatomically modern humans arrived in the vicinity. Is that a coincidence? There is genetic evidence that behaviorally modern humans interbred with , , and perhaps , and they all went extinct soon after those behaviorally modern humans arrived. That they interbred put to bed the hypotheses that they went extinct before arrived on the scene. If they went extinct after behaviorally modern humans arrived, as the genetic evidence clearly tells us, the implications are obvious, and any extinction hypothesis that invokes climate change or some other natural catastrophe has some high hurdles to overcome. Those events were probably early salvos of the .

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Chimpanzee social organization has male and female hierarchies, and societies of up to 120 members. Fruit trees form the center of a chimp society’s territory, where females forage with their offspring and males form foraging parties that patrol the territorial perimeter. Chimps have foraging parties of less than 10 members, it ranges between two and nine, and party size fluctuates rapidly. That is because chimps have to walk kilometers between food sources each day, primarily fruit trees, and varying harvests cannot reliably support larger groups. In general, the larger a territory, the faster chimps breed, as they have more available energy.

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The PDO is strongly correlated to the NPI/ALPI through air-sea interactions in the North Pacific. The effects of abnormal atmospheric conditions over the North Pacific affect both the currents and temperature of the ocean, which in turn, may feedback on the atmosphere. The ultimate result of variations in these modes is tangible effects on wintertime conditions in the Bering Sea, Alaska and western Canada. A notable shift in these modes occurred in the late 1970s, bringing about a rapid change from relatively cold winters in western North America in the early 1970s to relatively warm, benign winters in the late 1970s and 1980s. There is evidence, based on sea surface temperature, that the PDO changed to a negative or neutral phase in the late 1990s, bringing colder coastal waters once again to the U.S. North Pacific coast.

The forward is by Jacques Dumas.

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Covers the Mediterranean and Tropical Seas.

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