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In this essay I want to talk about ten of the qualities that make a good teacher.

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As I Palestinian English teacher, I would like to send my faithful greetings to those who have made this site for the others interest and use. One of the things that makes us good teachers is the love and faith in the great aim of our job as teachers. As the time we have the patience to understand our students' academical and psychological needs; we are good teachers.

An Arabic poet once said : " A teacher was about to be a prophet ". This indicates how lovely and truly our job is.
Akram Jawabreh, Palestine

It is from a list of ten such qualities appearing in Chapter 1:What Makes a Good Teacher?, by Peter C.

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In reflective essay writing, the writer can express his own words with an absolute freedom to sketch his own perceptions. The conclusion should be a prime reflection of what the writer’s very own viewpoint about the subject matter. Like the writer don’t have to provide hundreds of facts to make it a proper analysis, in spite of which he can trust on his self-experience and beliefs just to convince the reader about the topic given. Other primary concerns of writing reflective essays are providing some realistic examples of the subject matter which can demonstrate the idea or concept of the analyzed topic. Simple logical illustrations of the writer’s content can make the reader easy to grasp or understand on the subject matter.

Readers who want to know what exerts say about good teaching should stop reading right now and open to a different page of Inspiring Teaching.

I think what makes a good teacher is to be alert to the necessities of your students and be able to give proper solutions. It is also an effort to understand them in a personal level but without losing your place. I think a good teacher must be understanding but must correct the error whatever they are. He or she must be able to inspire confidence, someone you can rely on and be willing to learn new thing to make her or his teaching better.

Whenever we hit upon a principle that the good essays seemed to embody and that the weak papers did not, we would write it down.

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It was, I said, to be an entirely upside-down course in which the students would write lots of essays, decide as a group which ones were best, and then try to determine in discussion what qualities the good ones had in common.

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tion that first-year college students in a required writing course could, first of all, tell good writing from less-good writing, and, second, that they could articulate the principles that made the good essays better.

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Good teachers, as soon as their students have mastered something, push their best students well past the edge of their comfort zone, striving to make them uncomfortable, to challenge their confidence so they can earn a new confidence.