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Twelfth Night Essay On The Love Triangle

Ultimately, Claire hangs up before Peter can tell her, but we know she got the message because she now gets her soliloquy, "Warning," mourning the loss of the son she now knows she never really knew. It’s very minimalist musically, using very little musical material over and over, as Claire’s mind runs in circles. Her melody is built largely on triplets, but over an accompaniment in 4/4. Her voice works against the music; she’s lost her footing. And though for the most of the show, Claire speaks rather than sings, here her emotions pour out of her and she needs music. She goes through several emotional states. First, the recognition of the truth and the recognition of her intentional denial of it. Then her anger takes over and her music becomes harder rock (using the music Peter sang in "Best Kept Secret"); she mourns the "loss" of the son she thought she had raised. But her love for Peter is stronger than her anger, and she returns to the gentler music. But now her thoughts turn to the practical. How will she tell he ex-husband? What will other people think of her now?

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Second, ’s larger frame story and the inner story do parallel each other, but in more surprising ways than is usually the case. Jason/Romeo and Peter/Mercutio are best friends in both worlds. Nadia/Nurse and Ivy/Juliet are connected but not friends in both worlds. Romeo/Jason and Tybalt/Matt are rivals in both worlds. Of course, Lucas, the school drug dealer, parallels Shakespeare’s apothecary. And Chantelle stands in for Friar Lawrence, the only adult that is truly on the lovers’ side. But Matt also parallels the character of Paris, whose romantic intentions toward Juliet are rebuffed in favor of Romeo. In , the "real world" characters also depart from their parallels in interesting ways. In ’s "real world," Tybalt/Paris is in love with Juliet, who falls for Romeo, who is already in love with Mercutio. The romantic couple in Shakespeare becomes a more complex, romantic double-triangle in .

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Naturally, this love triangle is one of the most talked-about subplots of the show—so we scored inside scoop about it straight from Dyer and Keery. The actors have some interesting thoughts about where Nancy and Steve are headed—and where Jonathan fits into the mix. Read on to learn more.

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