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Dennis went from 180 muscular pounds to 90 in that VA hospital. He began recovering once more, and one night his nurse came into his room. She was new and brought no steroids. Dennis asked where they were, and she said that there was no order for them. That third time, Dennis took charge in the only way he could. He was nearly a vegetable, but he looked the nurse in the eye and willed her to his bedside. He whispered to her that if she did not bring him a phone, he would kill her one day, because he would somehow survive the night. The nurse’s eyes got as big as saucers, and she brought in the phone. Dennis called his wife and told her to get him out of the VA hospital, because they would kill him if he stayed there any longer. By the time she arrived, the staff was in an uproar and Dennis’s wife demanded that she be allowed to take him home and be given enough steroids to wean him off of them. The doctors protested that he would surely die. Dennis laughed, telling them that staying there would mean certain death. They finally relented, and Dennis, his wife, and their infant daughter went home but they had no home. They took a flophouse room and Dennis’s wife’s family made some contributions to help them through their plight. They survived on charity. At one point, Dennis was able to use the rehabilitation facilities at Princeton’s hospital, partly because he was a medical oddity. His condition was highly unusual, and the nearly fatal medical mishaps made him a medical believe-it-or-not story.

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Long Day's Journey Into Night is the story of one devastating day in the Tyrone family. The play depicts the family members' downward spiral into addiction, disease, and their own haunted pasts. It is generally regarded as 's masterpiece.

O'Neill (1888-1953) was a major figure in the international drama scene. Before he came along, the rest of the world didn't give a flip about American plays. In the rest of the world's defense, there really wasn't much going on in the way of American play writing. Our buddy Eugene wasn't having that. He busted up on the scene and became the first American playwright to gain a real and lasting international reputation. In 1936 he became the first and only American playwright to win the .

O'Neill also has the distinction of winning the more times than any other playwright. He did so three times during his life – for Beyond the Horizon, 1920; Anna Christie, 1922; Strange Interlude, 1928. As if that wasn't enough, he went and won a fourth Pulitzer for Long Day's Journey Into Night in 1957. The thing is – he was already dead.

O'Neill's wife, Carlotta, published the play after his death. This went against his wishes. He gave instructions that the play not be published until 25 years after his death. Carlotta, for whatever reason, couldn't wait that long. At first she tried to get to publish it, but they felt bad about going against O'Neill's wishes. Yale Press, however, didn't seem to mind and published the play in 1956. This was only three years after O'Neill's death.

Whether or not it was cool of Carlotta to go against O'Neill's wishes is up for debate. Whatever the case, the play premiered in , Sweden, on February 2, 1956. The Swedes went nuts over it, and everybody else did too. The play went on to cement O'Neill's reputation. He is now considered to be one of the world's greatest dramatists.

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