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You can agree with some of the liberal viewpoints and some of the conservative but

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Some gay conservatives would later insist that they had been pushed out of public-intellectual conservatism by what they believed were bigoted Evangelicals—the people a conservative movement needs to attract to overcome the large Democratic voting blocs. A good example might be the argument, through the 1990s and 2000s, against allowing gay and lesbian anti-abortion groups a place in prolife marches and strategy meetings. And there are still portions of the Republican world that suffer no dissent on social issues. Just this year, I was invited to give a small talk on faith at CPAC, the enormous annual conservative convention in Washington—and then disinvited, my time given over to someone safer on the topic of marriage.

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As a conservative libertarian, I do not fall into the right-left dichotomy nice and neat, however I very much appreciate this essay and the research conducted, even if it wasn't perfect. I expressed concern in my program about the peer review process, mentioning the Bellesiles scandal where it took 6 years to discover the outright fabrication of evidence since his thesis was published in the Journal of American History. This is but one case, but the information in this essay regarding only 2% of peer reviewed works are conservative in leaning is telling. More telling is the above commentary of the author's peers, especially the latter. The biases in the humanities would seem to hover in the arena of Karl Marx, as the derivatives of his theories evolved into the modern day progressive left. Post-modernists, with nihilism seemingly oozing from their pen, seem to have a bone to pick with the very society that allowed them the education to have that opinion. I cannot think of any pragmatic solution to the progressive left's domination of the humanities, other than more freedom minded students entering into academia. I do not profess that I know everything about academia, except for my own experiences and that of others with similar experiences. Hubris is seemingly rampant, and worse is that 'tolerance' as they claim it to be, only means allowing those of similar ideologies to prosper in academia... wait, what?

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In this essay I wish to explain why I am convinced that the conservative view is not only superior to that known as the liberal view, but that the liberal view, taken to it's logical conclusions, is dishonest and felonious.

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Explore the ideological tendencies of the majority and minority of the current U.S. Supreme Court. What is meant by “liberal” or “conservative” judges? Considering the process for selecting Supreme Court justices, is it possible for politics to not play a role in the process? Explain how these ideological/political tendencies shape U.S. Supreme Court opinions.

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That, by the way, is why liberal students (and liberals in general) are so bad at defending their own positions. They never have to, so they never learn to. That is also why it tends to be so easy for conservatives to goad them into incoherent anger. Nothing makes you more enraged than an argument you cannot answer. But the reason to listen to people who disagree with you is not so you can learn to refute them. The reason is that you may be wrong. In fact, you are wrong: about some things and probably about a lot of things. There is zero percent chance that any one of us is 100 percent correct. That, in turn, is why freedom of expression includes the right to hear as well as speak, and why disinviting campus speakers abridges the speech rights of students as well as of the speakers themselves.