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To begin work on your PLA portfolio essay, take a minute to consider this task as a whole. Until this point, your work has been aimed at assessing your life's degree-oriented experiential learning and matching this learning to what is available (not yet filled) on your Regis University degree plan. The focus now shifts to one specific course.

Many of the things we learned come from books, articles, essays, handouts prepared by teachers, etc.

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This presentation is useful as soon as we unhook it from the notion of ‘non-formal learning’. Eraut dismisses using the idea of self-directed learning because it can refer to what he has defined as formal and non-formal situations. However, so can his notion of deliberative learning. Indeed, implicit and reactive learning can also do so. As Eraut (2000: 26) admits, a multitude of processes and outcomes occur in formal settings like lessons in schools (as they do in informal moments like chance meetings on the street). It is probably more useful to look at learning as implicit, reactive and deliberative (plus some other possible candidates) and to explore interaction with context. Effectively, this would mean going well beyond a crude separation of contexts into informal and formal. The focus on these more substantive categories of learning allows us to connect with substantial traditions of thinking and practice and so develop a better appreciation of the experiences of learners and how their efforts might be enhanced.

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Some students have found it helpful to start their stories with ageneralization about what they learned and then write a paragraph or moreexplaining how they learned it. Others prefer to present the story first andthen conclude it with reflections on what they learned from it. One studentfound that if she forced herself to use the "Kolb verbs" from thesummary statement section, particularly "I noticed…." and "Iconcluded…." she was able to ensure she reflected on and analyzed herlearning, instead of just relating her experience. What you do NOT want to do isto relate your experience without any reflection or analysis of the learningfrom gained from it. Remember, while your assessor is interested in yourexperience, he or she will be evaluating you on the extent of the learningyou gained from that experience.

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