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Earth’s iron core gives rise to its pronounced magnetic field, which helps protect Earth’s surface from the solar wind. Planets with weak magnetic fields, such as Mars, are believed to be vulnerable to the solar wind stripping away their atmospheres. If Earth did not have a magnetic field, its , which may have led to the extinction of complex life on Earth, if it would have ever appeared at all.

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Leah – it’s awesome to be smart. It may not always feel that way, especially at your age. But I grew up to have a PhD and I do really cool work in genetics and it’s way more fun than worrying about how I look. I also have an awesome husband who loves me BECAUSE I’m smart. He also thinks I’m beautiful but it was my brains that he loved first.

Hold that thought for just a moment.

As has been , and will become more evident, scientific orthodoxy and I do not agree on everything, far from it. Not only is mainstream science imprisoned by , as paradigm-shattering scientific findings and are ruthlessly suppressed, but all of my fellow travelers were, to one extent or another, mystical in their orientation. Their mystical persuasion had nothing to do with beliefs, studying sacred texts, or other indoctrination, but their . Brian O’Leary was a staunch advocate of . After I had , I also and witnessed many undeniable events that clearly demonstrated that the materialistic models of consciousness that dominate mainstream science rest on false foundations. Brian nearly lost his life, courtesy of the USA’s military, when he looked into the UFO phenomenon, after , and the attack shortened his life. Far more is happening than the TV news tells us.

That’s why I force myself to talk to little girls as follows.

“What’s your favorite book?” I asked.

The common trend is for women to be beautiful and to care for the house, and the men to be idiots who cannot measure up to the woman at home (or at work, depending on your choice). These are reinforced not just through media, but by peer pressure as well. We encourage girls to be what they want, to strive to be smart, to be the best, to be wonderful at EVERYTHING, and to top it off you have to be pretty too because no matter how successful you are it means nothing if you aren’t beautiful. Her male peers will reinforce it at an early age by picking on her appearance, and her female peers will follow suit. The adults will try to tell her she is beautiful instead of telling her life means more than looks, and they’ll reinforce that through the media they watch, and the actions they take day to day. When the parent focuses on clothes, and makeup, and appearance it reinforces that pressure. When we talk about how pretty some other adult looks, or who we find to be pretty in movies and TV shows, it reinforces the behaviors. When we criticize others based on appearance alone in the presence of the child, it AGAIN reinforces that behavior. These criticisms and ideas are societal placed, and reinforced day to day. But it’s not exclusive to girls.

“I’ll go get it! Can I read it to you?”

This is something we must strive to change, and effort must be made to promote equality for ALL genders, to encourage children to be who and what they want to be, to develop them in the way that best suits their personalities. Restructuring of the school systems, reinforcement of positive gender roles, encouragement from the parents based on achievement and successes, avoidance of negative media reinforcement and hopefully the removal of these prevalent gender destructive messages will eventually lead to a better future for our children. There is no reason to demean one gender in order to lift up another. Both genders should be treated fairly, and without regard to outward appearances and societal pressures.

Here’s to changing the world, one little girl at a time.

People still comment on my looks first and I’m nearly 35. Just the other day I went to a new dentist and he rounded the chair to intro himself and said “Oh my, aren’t you pretty?” And I thought that was SO strange. I mean, what bearing does it have? None, but I accepted the compliment and moved on. I often say that my face is probably the least interesting thing about me. I speak three languages, I graduated from Culinary School with a 4.0. I scored a 30 on my ACT. But I still put on mascara everyday….. Seems we’re all stuck in this cultural rut.